DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany

Grants in Europe – DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany (Fully Funded)

Are you the one who is seeking research grants abroad? Would you like to be awarded DAAD Germany scholarships? If yes is the answer, you should now fasten your seat belts to witness a worthwhile opportunity for your research or study goals. Founded in 1925, The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is considered the largest German support organization in the field of international academic cooperation. Let’s now find out the details regarding the open and available opportunity of DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany ahead in this post.

Information Regarding DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany

As far as the DAAD Research Grants 2025 are concerned. They offer an outstanding opportunity for students and researchers from around the world to pursue their advanced studies and research projects. The best about these scholarships is that they enable the recipients to start focusing on their studies fully rather than getting worried about financial worries.

The application period is open for DAAD scholarships – for research grants – doctoral programmes in Germany. This is a fully funded scholarship for PhD students to pursue their doctoral studies in Germany.

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The Objective of DAAD Research Grants – Doctoral Programmes in Germany

This programme has been designed to offer the students the opportunity to complete their doctoral degree in Germany. The scholarships provided to successful students are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Brief Description Regarding DAAD Research Grants 2025

Country: Germany

Institutions/Universities: German Universities

Level of Study: Doctorate Degree

Duration: 4 Years

Deadline: 30th August 2024

Eligibility Criteria for DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany

Students with above-average qualifications and who have completed their Master’s degree or Diploma, or in exceptional circumstances a Bachelor’s degree, at the latest by the time the funding period starts.

Please check if the below-mentioned criteria are fulfilled:

  • As a rule, those who apply for this scholarship should not have graduated any longer than 6 years before the deadline for applications.
  • If the students have already begun their doctorate, it also applies that the commencement of the doctorate should not be longer than 3 years before.
  • The application cannot be taken into consideration, if the students/applicants have been resident in Germany for longer than fifteen months at the deadline of applications.

Note: You are advised to check the complete eligibility mentioned on the official call for applications.

What Can Be Funded Under DAAD Scholarships

Under DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany, the funding for doctoral projects is available at non-university research institutes in Germany, a state or state-recognized institution of higher education in Germany. This can be either:

  • Participation in a structured doctoral (PhD) study programme, or
  • An individual project supervised by a university doctoral supervisor (university teacher)

There is an exception as well such as research phases outside Germany can also get funding provided that they are critical for the successful completion of the candidate/student’s doctoral degree. Another requirement is that the visits need to constitute no more than one-quarter of the anticipated total funding period. The students need to provide details regarding the planned visits in their study plan and time schedule in their application documents.

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Funding Duration for DAAD Research Grants – Doctoral Programmes in Germany

It should be noted that the funding to be provided for this scholarship opportunity is for a maximum of 4 years. The selection committee will decide the length of the funding period and it will depend on the candidate’s project and study plan.

Grants are awarded for a maximum of one year initially, therefore the extensions will depend on whether the selection committee considers the candidate’s previous award period to have been completed successfully.

Available Value for DAAD Scholarships

  • Successful candidates will receive monthly payments of Euros 1300
  • There will be payments towards coverage for health, personal liability insurance cover, and accidents
  • Travel allowance
  • There will be an annual research allowance of Euros 460

Note: Under certain cases or circumstances, the selected candidates can also apply for the below-mentioned benefits after the beginning of funding:

  • Monthly rent subsidy
  • Accompanying family members’ monthly allowance
  • In case of a chronic illness or disability, if an application is submitted, a subsidy could be provided for justified additional expenses incurred in Germany because of the disability that is vital to realizing the project in Germany and that is not covered by a third party. It should be noted that whether and to what extent a subsidy will be offered (paid) will be determined and reviewed on an individual basis.

Selection Criteria for DAAD Research Grants 2025

Let’s find out the criteria for selection.

Qualification – Quality of candidates’ achievements, grades, GPA, knowledge of English, academics, lectures, publications, conference papers, etc.

Quality of Research Project – Quality of research proposal (relevance, originality, choice of host institution).

Applicant’s Potential – Applicant’s interest and motivation.

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Required Documents for DAAD Research Grants – Doctoral Programmes in Germany

The following are the documents required to be submitted with your application.

  • Online application form
  • CV (Europass format)
  • Motivation letters (one to two pages)
  • List of Publications (if applicable)
  • Schedule for planned research work
  • Research proposal
  • University transcripts and degree certificate
  • Supporting recommendation letter
  • Proof of English competency

Deadline for Application Submission

Interested students are advised to apply for the DAAD Research Grants 2025 by 30th August 2024. It is advisable to apply as early as possible.

How to Apply for DAAD Research Grants 2025 for Doctoral Programmes in Germany

If you would like to apply for these research grants, you need to first visit the official call for applications and read all details very carefully. For submission of the application, there is a tab for the application procedure, you need to read the details carefully there as well.

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