LivinFrance Scholarship Program for International Students

LivinFrance Scholarship Program for International Students for Bachelors & Masters Degrees to Study in France

Are you interested in studying in Europe? Is it your dream to study in France? If so, then you should now get ready to apply for an attractive scholarship opportunity geared up for you. The opportunity is offered by LivinFrance which helps students finance their studies in France. You may now apply for your future course in France through its platform, fill out the available form, and get an opportunity to avail a scholarship. You can now find out the details about LivinFrance Scholarship Program for international students. Let’s check them out now.

Information about LivinFrance Scholarship Program for International Students

All international students who successfully obtain the scholarship will receive €1000 which would be refunded on their tuition fees. Any international student who has submitted the application and got accepted in one of its partner courses (LivinFrance’s partner courses) is eligible for the scholarship. The amount of €1000 will be refunded on the student’s tuition fees.

The application period is going on and will last till 30th June 2023.

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Brief Description of LivinFrance Scholarship Program  

Let’s now find out the details in a brief manner.

Country: France

Organization: LivinFrance

Study: Partner programs (more than 100 in a wide variety of fields)

Study Programs: Bachelors & Masters

Financial Coverage: Available (details can be checked later in this post)

Deadline: 30th June 2023

About LivinFrance

It is a platform for international students in France. The platform has been designed to make students’ installation easy and allow them to completely enjoy their stay in France. According to their website information, LivinFrance has so far provided support to more than 40,000 students in their project of studying in France. From visa applications to banking, housing, insurance, and health, the platform has simplified all the processes, ensuring a stress-free installation and students’ unforgettable stay in beautiful France.

Fields of Study for LivinFrance Tuition Fees Scholarship

If you like to study in France, the platform is here to help you out. No matter if your search is for a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, LivinFrance offers you more than 100 programs in various areas/fields such as business, computer science, IT, marketing, engineering, management, finance, design and architecture, etc.

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Eligibility Requirements for Scholarship Program

To be considered for this scholarship opportunity, you need to meet the eligibility requirements set by the university. Let’s check them out here.

  • International students (of all nationalities) are eligible to apply except for French students.
  • All levels of higher education will be considered for applications (are allowed to apply).
  • Under this scheme, all fields of study are allowed to apply.
  • There is no age limit to apply. Minor applicants (as per French law) have to provide proof of a legal representative.
  • Applicants have to be able to prove their acceptance into a French higher education program to appear to be eligible. The training and courses which are part of LivinFrance’s partner courses are eligible only.
  • Applicants have to stay in France for their study purpose (studies) for a duration longer than or equal to three months.

Note: You are advised to check the complete eligibility requirements mentioned on the official call for scholarship page.

Financial Coverage

Applicants, who have applied and got accepted in any of LiveinFrance’s 100 plus partner courses through its website, will receive €1000 refunded on their tuition fees.

Deadline for Applications

The last date for the submission of applications for this opportunity is 30th June 2023. Successful awardees will be announced on 18th July 2023.

How to Apply for LivinFrance Scholarship Program for International Students

If you are interested and would like to avail this opportunity, you are welcome to apply provided that you meet the eligibility standards mentioned above. Visit the official call for scholarships, and submit your application according to the application process mentioned on the webpage.

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