Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships for International Students: Funded

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships (Scotland Government Scholarships) for International Students – A Funded Opportunity

Get ready to apply to Scotland Government Scholarship 2021, as they are now announced for international students. You now make your applications for the scholarships. Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are regarded high and considered to be the best Scotland Scholarships.  There is no denying in mentioning that Scotland is a home to a diverse and internationally successful higher education. The quality of education is high and maintains its standards. This is the reason that students from the world are inclined to study there.  Saltire Scholarship is a program of scholarships that is funded and offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with the universities in Scotland.

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Information about Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

These scholarships are offered in areas of technology, science, creative industries, medical sciences, healthcare, and renewable and clean energy. Saltire Scholarship 2021-22 is going to be an incredible opportunity for international students to study in a country that is a home of world-leading universities and carries a long tradition of academic excellence. More details about this scholarship are mentioned as under:

Country Name: Scotland

Program: Master’s Degree (One-Year)

Financial Benefit: Partially Funded

Deadline of Applications: 28th May 2021

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How Many Scholarships for International Applicants?

Well, the number is 50 for Scotland’s saltire scholarships 2020/2021.

Academic Fields Available Under Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

The scholarships available under this scheme are designed to provide support for the promotion of Scotland as an exceptional destination for academic learning, and these scholarships are targeted at the sectors mentioned below:

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Creative industries
  4. Healthcare and medical sciences
  5. Renewable and clean energy

A wider range of fields is available to study at Master’s level. The following list further explains the subject’s areas. Let’s read it.


  • Environment
  • Earth Sciences
  • Energy
  • Weather and Climate
  • Geology
  • Plants/Botany
  • Animals/Zoology


  • Software
  • Bioinformatics
  • Engineering
  • Information
  • Multimedia
  • Systems
  • Computers

Creative Industries

  • Animation
  • Communications, Media and Culture
  • Broadcasting
  • Journalism
  • Film
  • Cultural
  • Publishing
  • New Media Studies
  • Computer Games / Computer Arts
  • Graphic
  • Design
  • Industrial
  • Fashion
  • Interior

Healthcare and Medical Sciences

  • Astronomy
  • Physical and Life Sciences
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Health Sciences

Clean and Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Hydro / Solar / Tidal / Wind Power
  • Biomass / Bio Fuels

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Financial Benefits for Saltire Scholarship 2021-2022

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships offer 50 scholarships to international students each worth £8000 Pound Sterling. The scholarship amount will be towards tuition fees.

The chosen students will also be able to participate in a program of activities (over and above their studies).

The selected students may also avail online degree program on scholarship.

International Students Eligible to Apply

Scotland Government Scholarships 2021-2022 have not been targeted worldwide rather they are offered to the students from certain countries such as China (including Hong Kong), Canada, Japan, India, Pakistan and the United States of America.

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarships

To be considered for the scholarship and to apply, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria first. See it below. If you fulfill, then lodge your applications. Let’s now check out the criteria as under:

  • You need to have a conditional or unconditional placement offer at a Scottish university in an eligible course.
  • You need to be the national/citizen of the eligible countries.
  • You should be able to exhibit that you are able to meet the costs of living in Scotland and remaining tuition fees.
  • You have not previously studied for a full undergraduate degree in Scotland.
  • You have not been granted the Saltire Scholarship previously.
  • You are able to meet the language requirements of the course.

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Deadline for the Applications

The last date of application submission for Saltire Scholarship 2021-22 is 28th May 2021. It is highly suggested to apply well before time.

How to Apply for Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

The application submission is online. To apply for the scholarships, you should visit the official website of the Scotland Government Scholarship 2021.

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