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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships for Bachelors, Masters and PhD Programs for International Students

Now it is the time to start applying for the very latest Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships for all levels – Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs and above all international students are eligible to raise their applications for. The chosen students will be studying in the eye pleasing and rich country ‘Germany’. The courses will begin in winter 2020 and summer 2021. The deadlines for the programs are 30th November 2020 and May 31st 2021.

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Details about Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

Country Name: Germany

Programs: Bachelors, Masters and PhD

Start Date: Winter 2020 and Summer 2021

Host Universities: German Universities and Technical Colleges

Deadline: 30th November 2020 and 31st May 2021

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Description of the Scholarship

This scholarship is not only for the international students rather it is equally applicable to the Germans. The students who wish to undertake Bachelors, Masters and PhD studies in any university of technical college in Germany may benefit from these scholarships. The best about this scholarship is that you can study in any subject – all academic fields and majors are available under Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships. The foundation is committed to providing full support to talented people and the ones who want to advance their careers and personal development in their respective fields.

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Subjects Available

As mentioned above that all academic fields and majors are available, but there are nonetheless certain subjects which you cannot choose. Learn about them at this Link.

Number of Scholarships Available

Well, it has not been disclosed as to how many scholarships are available. But they are in good numbers.

Which Countries Are Eligible?

All nationalities from every corner of the world are eligible to apply for these scholarships to study in Germany. The foundation also supports students with poor financial status and those whose families are with migration background.

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Financial Benefits

There is no doubt that Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships are laced with numerous financial benefits. The chosen students will receive a stipend of €744 per month. In addition to the monthly stipend, students will also receive a monthly flat-rate study fee of €300 and this amount can be used freely by all scholars. There are other benefits as well like depending on the student’s situation they can also receive health insurance of €71 and long term insurance of €15 per month. Students who have kids may also receive a family allowance of €155 euros per month. More financial benefits are also out there, contact the foundation team to learn about the same.

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Eligibility Criteria

For these scholarships, the students have to be Germans, foreign students with education or those with refugee status. They need to be committed to society such as they should prove to provide an active participation in the student council, youth work, participation in associations and NGOs or in political organizations. The students who previously have been enrolled into any of German universities will be found ineligible.

What Need to Be Possessed?

The students should possess the following in order to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Socio-political engagement and identification with the values ​​of social democracy
  • Above-average performance in school and studies
  • Political thinking
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Tolerance and openness
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-reflection

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Students with Bachelors and Master’s Degree

The applicants with Bachelors and Master’s degree should possess the following:

  • They need to have a conformation of study place or certificate of enrollment at a public or public-recognized university in Germany or technical college for the program for which they want to have funds.
  • International students should also prove sufficient German language skills.
  • First-year students should lodge their applications before or at the beginning of their first semester.

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PhD Funding Students

The students of PhD who wants funding, they need to have:

  • Unconditional notification of admission to the doctoral scholarship
  • International students should also show sufficient German language skills

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Application Instructions for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

In order to apply, the students need to fill up the application form online. If the committee finds your application suitable for the scholarship, they will request you for additional documents through email.

Deadline for Applications

Deadline for the applications for Master’s degree scholarships in 30th November 2020 for international students for winter semester and 31st May 2020 for the summer semester. PhD candidates have the option to apply round the year.

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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

How to Apply

The application process is simple and online. Just Click here to Apply Now.

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