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Become a Digital Nomad in Portugal – Do Work Staying in Eye Candy European Country

Portugal is among the Schengen states of Europe and attracts visitors and tourists in abundance every year. If seen geographically, the country is somewhat isolated from the rest of Europe. You will find attractive unique culture there with alluring traditions and eye catchy architecture in Portugal. It is called a home to some of Europe’s most eye candy natural sights that drags tourists to witness them. There are stories of the delicious foods of Portugal everywhere. Digital Nomads Visas are in demand these days and you may also become a digital nomad in Portugal now. Many of Europe’s countries and even other countries in the world have begun issuing Digital Nomad Visa and there are reports of Estonia’s launching digital nomad visa this year. Thus, if you plan to settle in Europe or any other country with a digital nomad visa, you can have the opportunities to help your dreams come true.

Why to Become a Digital Nomad in Portugal?

Portugal becomes the prime choice of the people who would like to visit and work there. This is because that the temperatures there hardly drop below 10°C. The country is an all year round holiday destination and also becomes one of Europe’s best surfing spots. The country is a mixture of rural and urban life. It becomes the best choice for all digital nomads since it offers a balanced environment for work and life. If you are a digital nomad, you will find the best selection of working spaces there. Best thing is that English is widely spoken there.

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Cities You Will Like to Work From

Lisbon becomes the pivotal choice to work due to being on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and is also the capital of Portugal. Its seven hills, which is its signature trademark, allure the nomads. Breathtaking seas views are other highlights of the city. White buildings and narrow alleyways create an intimate environment. The easy going people and relaxed lifestyle of the locals are other attractions for digital nomads. You will also appreciate Lisbon’s flavorful foodie scene complemented by a signature strong cup of espresso. Those working remotely will also like the easy Wi-Fi access and the alluring section of co-working spaces used with fellow nomads will also become an attraction.

Porto becomes a busy commercial center – the city has been managed to preserve its slow-paced lifestyle through hidden street markets, old bohemian spirit and retro cafes. The best about this city is that the digital nomads can sit everywhere in the city and start their working session.

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Co-Working Spaces and Internet Usage

Portugal is ranked the best internet provider in Europe and this shows how good speed you may have while working in the country. If you really want to become a digital nomad in Portugal, then you will surely find you safe and filled with all necessities and leisure you like to enjoy with for your period of stay over there.  You will find high-speed internet of over 20 Mbps. Wi-Fi is also available everywhere in most of the typical locations like coffee shops, eateries, hotels and public spots. You may also go for having a prepaid 3G or 4G SIM Card to make a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Being a digital nomad is superb if you choose Lisbon and other big metro cities of the country. You will stumble upon a lot of friendly coffee houses, comfortable lounges with stable Wi-Fi connectivity and accessible electrical sockets.

Become a Digital Nomad in Portugal

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Let’s Find the Best Co-Working Spaces in Lisbon

Below mentioned are few of the co-working spaces in the city of Lisbon.

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Best Co-Working Spaces in Porto

Let’s check out the best co-working spaces in Porto.

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Things to Know Before Stepping into Portugal

Portugal is among the Schengen countries and is relatively easy to travel to. If you belong to any of the Schengen states of Europe, you may only need your national identity card to travel to Portugal. If you are out of Schengen areas and belong to non-EU countries, then you will have to apply for a Schengen Visa in advance which will allow you to move freely in any of Schengen countries and allow you access to Portugal.



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