Croatia Work Visas - Quota Increased to 103,740- Grab A Scholarship

Croatia Work Visas Increased to 103,740 for Foreign Workers in 2020 – Apply to Settle in Croatia

There is no doubt at all in saying that Croatia is a tourist country and according to statistics, around 16 million tourists visit this picturesque land every year. The country is famous for its pristine coastline and unspoiled national parks, stunning and eye candy walled town plus youthful vibrant cities which grab the eyeballs and the arrest the breath of the tourists. Once you hit the country, you are bound to fall in love with it. Croatia work visas are well in demand these days and the workforce from across the world is getting attracted to the labor market in Croatia. It became a member of EU (European Union) in 2013 and post this event, Croatia has become more accessible than ever to the tourists and the visitors of the world who come from Europe and other parts of the world.

Croatia has good economy rate thus it attracts the workers from around the world and grab the eyes of the visitors. If your purpose is to move to Croatia for employment, you need a work permit to do so.

Details about Croatia Work Visas

Since the stability and growth of the economy has risen, Croatia has been well in demand of foreign labor. This is the reason that it has now increased the annual quota for work permits for the year 2020. The decision to increase the work visas was done by the Croatian government on 22nd November 2019 to overcome the shortage of the labor especially in the sectors of construction and tourism. Therefore the new immigration policy is now set to help the country in getting skilled workers from across the globe. You may like to apply for Indonesian Government Scholarships

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How Many Work Visas to Be Issued in 2020

The labor minister of Croatian government announced that the government this year will issue 40,000 extra visas thus the total number of visas to be issued to the foreigners will be 103,740. This increase has started attracting the world market in particular from the third world countries whose people would love to go to Europe and Western World in order to make good living. It has been learnt that most of the work permits will be allocated to the construction industry while the rest will be given to tourism sector.

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Shortage of Labor in Croatia

The demand of Croatia Work Visa rose due to the shortage of labor since the country has been facing the shortage of labor for certain occupations for last few years. Since the time Croatia has become the member of European Union, the talented and educated youth has started leaving for Germany and Ireland and even to other parts of Europe to get a secured future, the shortage of workforce has risen. This led the government to take steps to overcome this big issue. In 2018, the quota had been increased to 17,000 but it could not work out. Since Croatia mainly attracts to tourists and every year more than 20 million people visit it, the shortage of labor in tourism sector shot high, thus in 2020 the government made a giant increase in work quotas of tourism and construction sectors.

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Croatia work visas

Croatia Work Visa Requirements

If you would like to apply for Croatia Work Visa to avail your place in the gigantic quote issued for the year 2020, you will have to fulfill the below requirements to get the visa:

  • Job offer (valid) from any employer in Croatia
  • You need to obtain an employment contract or a written confirmation which says that a contract of employment has been concluded.
  • You need to furnish the proofs of your educational background such as certificates, degrees, diplomas, etc.
  • Photograph (colored) in size 35x45mm.
  • Health insurance
  • Machine readable passport (valid)
  • Sufficient funds to support yourself such as bank statement to support yourself in initial days in Croatia.
  • Proof of registration of a company, or a branch office, representative office, crafts trade, association or an institution in Croatia.

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Visa Guidance for Croatia Work Permit

For more visa guidance about how to apply for Croatia work visa, and how can you get a job there, we will share another post for you.

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