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Simple Procedure to Get and Apply for Luxembourg Work Visa – Third World Nationals & EU Citizens Can Apply

If you are looking for Luxembourg work visa and you desire to live and work in the eye candy and the most attractive European country, your desire can take place with some steps need to be taken in order to obtain the work permit to legally stay, live and work there. First things first, employers, who are in need to get the workers in Luxembourg are legally required to notify the authorities (department of employment which is called Administration de l’Emploi in Luxembourg) about the job vacancy or vacancies. Besides, the application for the work permit needs also to be lodged prior to entry to the country with the Department of Employment. What is the procedure to do so and what are the requirements and the things associated in this process are mentioned in this post.

Luxembourg is a small European country and is one of the least populous countries in Europe. Despite being a least populous country, the residents of Luxembourg enjoy the highest GDP per capita in the world. It is a home to many EU institutions and is laced with highly developed economy in addition to having a vibrant financial sector. This all makes the country an attractive place to live and work for the expats. If you desire to move to Luxembourg to work and live there, you then need a work permit or work visa.

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Do You Need Luxembourg Work Visa?

First of all, you need to check if you need a work visa to do job and live there legally? There are few cases where you do not need to have a work visa depending on your nationality, the role you are going to do there, etc. If you are a national of EU and are from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you are not required to obtain a legal work permit to live or work there. If you are a national of Croatia, then you need to check the process and the requirements since it is under review presently as part of Croatia’s accession to the European Union.

People from third world countries (outside the EU area), they will need both an ‘authorization to stay’ document and a ‘residence permit’ to work in Luxembourg. The employers in Luxembourg will have to prove that they have advertised their vacant post or posts locally and then failed to grab a suitable applicant from Luxembourg (in the case if they like to employ a person from third world countries for the post). In order to get Luxembourg Work Visa, you will also be in a need to get a certificate from your employer showing that they have fulfilled this requirement. This certificate is issued by the National Employment Administration and will be provided you by your employer in Luxembourg.

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The Process to Get Luxembourg Work Visa

It is you who have to submit the application for work visa by yourself (though the employer will also help you in this regard). Others can also do the submission on your behalf such as some agency or your employer, but you will have to give them the power of attorney to do so using the forms provided by the immigration service. The process starts with making an application to the Immigration Directorate for a temporary leave to stay in Luxembourg. This needs to be done prior to leaving your home country. You must have a valid passport and need a Type D visa depending on your nationality (this should be checked with the embassy of Luxembourg in your country or if you do not have in your country, then check with any in your neighboring country).

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This temporary visa will let you enter into Luxembourg to complete the rest of the procedure after your arrival there. Once you are in Luxembourg, the rest of the procedure will be managed on a regional basis, thus you will need to start pursuing your application in the area you intend to live and work. You first need to submit a declaration to make it confirm that you intend to live in the particular region that is done at your local administration offices. Depending on your country of nationality, you may also be in a need to undergo medical checks. Final step is to submit your formal application for a permit to live and work over there.

The forms for applications can be taken and downloaded on the Luxembourg government website. You may find help and detailed information about working and settling in Luxembourg in Luxembourg government guide. There are various types of visas. The entire list of all choices is available on immigration pages of the government website.

The general work permits for Luxembourg are normally issued for a maximum of 2 years initially. If you like to stay beyond that limit, you will need to reapply (two months before the initial visa runs out). Your re-issued visa then might be for further 3 years duration. Initially visas are issued for one sector only, but this restriction could be lifted once you have held a visa for a longer duration than a year or two.

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Documents Required to Apply for Work Visa

Initially you make application for temporary residence permit (known as TRP), you need the following documents for the application:

  • valid passport photo
  • birth certificate
  • proof of clean criminal record
  • your resume and professional qualifications
  • employment contract
  • the original certificate allowing the employer to hire a third-country national
  • cover letter explaining your motivation for moving to Luxembourg

All of the above documents must be original or certified copies. If they are in other language than English or official language of Luxembourg, then they need to be translated by an official translator.

By the time you receive your TRP (temporary residence permit) and Type D visa (if needed) and you have entered into Luxembourg, you will be in a need to get a long stay residence permit. To get this, you will need to present your TRP coupled with proof of accommodation and a fee approximately € 80 for the processing of the application. This process is normally administered regionally, thus you need to check what documents are required prior to your visit to the local commune administration for the application.

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You may also be in need of the EU Blue Card (that allows your right to work across EU states excluding Ireland, UK and Denmark). You may be eligible for this card, if you are outside of the EU states and is a highly skilled person with at least a Bachelor’s degree or have a minimum of 5 years of senior level professional experience along with an active work contract or a binding job offer. This application process is quite fast comparatively to other work visa applications, nonetheless you might face three month-time for the processing sometimes.

Luxembourg Work Visa for Part Time, International Students and Seasonal Workers

Well, seasonal workers have to make applications for a work permit to work over there in the same manner as any other salaried workers. They need to follow all steps mentioned above.

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International students are eligible to work legally as part timers (according to the laws of EU and Luxembourg). They need to be enrolled in full time courses at university level in Luxembourg to get a work permit. They are legally entitled to work as part of their student visa (this is subject to controls by the university as well as the immigration authorities, though). Many students stay there in Luxembourg and continue working after graduation. For this after graduation, they students can stay there to work for 2 years (subject to further approval). For this, their job must be related to their degree subject.

If you are under 30 and like to come to Luxembourg as an au pair, you will be in a need of a specific visa. The process of getting the permit is almost same as mentioned above, but you need to prove your fitness to carry out regular household tasks. And you will also need to speak the language of your host family (either English or country’s administrative languages).

If your intention is to come to Luxembourg for temporary work, you have to check the full range of options available as the visa procedures keeps changing.


Are Family Members or Dependents Allowed?

If you are a holder of the EU Blue Card, you are able to make applications for visas on behalf of your family members or dependents without a waiting time under the family reunification scheme. If you are a holder of regular working visa, then you can apply for documentation prior to your family’s arrival in Luxembourg (in almost the same manner as you had done for yourself). Remember, there is a waiting period of 12 months before you can make application for, and you must have further 12-month time remaining on your own visa. You also need to show proofs of your ability to provide your family members with accommodation. In this scenario, the salaried person (you) is considered a sponsor of the family members. Usually, you can bring your spouse and the unmarried kids under the age of 18. There are some exceptions in the rules (this can be checked with the authorities in Luxembourg).

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Once You Have Luxembourg Work Visa, What Next?

If you are successful in getting Luxembourg work visa, then the next step is to present yourself at the local commune in Luxembourg to complete a declaration of arrival (this needs to be done by all whether you are a third world national or from EU countries and plan to stay for more than 90 days). This has to be done within 3 working days of your entry to Luxembourg. When you approach local commune, do take your passport and proof of address in Luxembourg along with you. If you are a citizen of third world, you will also bring along your TRP (that will eventually be replaced with long stay visa once granted). They also need to undergo a medical checkup (to be conducted by a locally approved doctor) along with a TB screening prior to the offering of a long stay residence permit. This will be conducted by the time you have completed the declaration of arrival.

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How to Open a Bank Account in Luxembourg?

This is pretty simple and you can open a bank account in Luxembourg once you have all documents with you.



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