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Apply Now for Bilkent University Scholarship 2020-2021 in Turkey – Fully Funded with More Financial Opportunities

Turkey keeps offering various kinds of scholarships and the masses do attract to its scholarship opportunities since the country is beautiful, in Europe and has historical places above all eye catchy culture which appeals to all and sundry. Universities over there are supremely good and hold values. Education standard in Turkey is fabulous. Now get ready to apply for a new one – Bilkent University Scholarship 2020-2021 is out now and asks you to start applying for the same. It is open for all international students and is a fully funded scholarship offering a wide range of financial aid options and fellowship/program opportunities for graduate students from around the world for Masters and PhD degree programs. There are various kinds of scholarships the university offer.

Details for Bilkent University Scholarship 2020-2021

The university has good standing in top universities’ chart. It is a top rated private university in Ankara. The university was built with an aim of creating a center of excellence in the higher education systems and research. It is the first non-profit private university in Turkey. All academic programs are on offer such as engineering, sciences, humanities, arts, information technology, business administration, computer engineering and sciences for both master and PhD students.

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Details of the Scholarship

Country: Turkey

University: Bilkent University

Scholarships: University funds multiple scholarship programs

Coverage: Fully Funded

Number of Scholarships: Large number of scholarships

Degree Level: Master’s and PhD in various fields of study

Apart from Turkish Government Scholarships (Turkey Burslari Scholarships Program), Bilkent University Scholarship is considered to be the most attractive and important one. It offers a fully-funded opportunity which is why it attracts the eyeballs. If you dream to study under fully funded program and also like to be graduated from Turkey, this is going to be your lifetime opportunity.

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Types of Scholarships

Under Bilkent University Scholarship 2020-2021, there are various types of scholarships available, details of which are mentioned as under:

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  • UNAM Bilkent University President Graduate Felllowship (formerly named Bilkent UNNAM Graduate Fellowship )
  • UNAM Scholarship for Young Women
  • Bilkent UNAM Graduate Scholarship
  • Scholarship from Externally Funded Projects

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UNAM Bilkent University President Graduate Fellowship Details

For MS Students 

  • Tuition Wavier ( 34,900 TL/year for  the Academic year 2020-2021 )
  • Monthly Stipend (3,000 TL/month)
  • Private Health  Insurance
  • a laptop
  • Travel support (once a year) 

For PhD Students

  • Tuition Wavier (45,000 TL/year for the Academic year 2020-2021)
  • Monthly stipend (4,500 TL/year)
  • Private Health  Insurance
  • A laptop
  • Meal card
  • Travel support (once a year)

Bilkent University Scholarship 2020-2021

UNAM Scholarship for Young Women Details

This award is for the encouragement of young women in science and technology. They are offered scholarships opportunities for their MS and PhD studies.

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For MS Students

  • Tuition wavier (34,900 TL /year )
  • monthly  Stipend  (3,000 TL / month)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • A Laptop

For PHD Students

  • tuition Wavier (34,900 TL /year)
  • Monthly stipend (4,000 TL/month)
  • Private Health insurance
  • A laptop
  • Meal card

Bilkent UNAM Graduate Scholarships Details

 The details of this scholarship are mentioned as under:

For MS Students

  • Tuition wavier (34,900 TL/year)
  • Monthly  Stipend (3,000 TL/month)
  • Private Health insurance
  • A laptop 

For PhD Students 

  • Tuition wavier (34,9000 TL/Annum)
  • monthly stipend  (4,000 TL/month)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Meal card
  • A laptop

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Scholarships from Externally Funded Projects Details

 Let’s check out the details of this external funded. Both MS and PhD students get a chance to participate in various research projects funded by external sources like TUBITAK R&D projects and TUBITAK BIDEB Scholarships. Monthly stipend is given and it varies depending on the fund source.

 Financial Packages 

  • Tuition Wavier (34,960 TL/year )
  • Private Health Insurance
  • A laptop
  • Meal card (for PHD students )

Scholarship Duration

  • MS Scholarships : (3 years )
  • Ph.D Scholarship : (4 years )

Programs Offered

To pursue MS/MPhil and PhD degrees, there are a number of programs with various study fields are available detail is mentioned under:

For Masters and PhD Studies

  • Architecture (M.S)
  • Computer Engineering (M.S and PhD)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (M.S and PhD )
  • industrial engineering (M.S and PhD )
  • Mechanical Engineering (M.S and PhD )
  • Materials Sciences and nanotechnology (M.S and PhD )
  • Neuroscience (M.S and PhD )
  • Physics (M.S and PhD)
  • Chemistry (M.S and PhD)
  • Telecommunications and Networking (non-thesis M.S)

Eligibility for Bilkent University Scholarship 2020-2021

Students need to fulfill below criteria in order to be eligible for these scholarships.

  • All nationalities
  • Minimum CGPA is 2.8
  • Turkish citizens can also apply

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  • Master’s Students: Those who have Bachelor’s degree can apply.
  • PhD Students:  Those with Master’s degree can apply.

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Deadline for Application

Last date to apply for the scholarship is 31st May 2020. Click below links for application and official details.



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