Fulbright Scholarship Program Announced - APPLY NOW

Fulbright Scholarship Program ANNOUNCED for All Fields – Rush Your Applications

Fulbright Scholarship program

Fulbright Scholarship program offers scholarships to the US students to study in 160 countries

Fulbright scholarship program is called the best exchange program in the world. It is undoubtedly the best and one of the brilliant United States cultural programs which is all set to help enhance international cultural relations between the students, young professionals and teachers. With this scholarship, exceptional students, artists, teachers and young professionals who have good potential are conferred with funds to carry on their studies or research works. It grants around 8000 funds a year to students.

Entry Requirements

Fulbright Scholarship program offers scholarships to the US students to study in 160 countries of the world. The candidates are required to show higher academic achievements apart from other requirements to produce. You have to show good leadership qualities, skills of adaptability and flexibility with the people from other world with various cultures, as this program operates in 160 countries. Fulbright grants are conferred to the candidates in almost all fields except clinical medical experiments involving patients.

You need to have a four years bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with high academic performances. The students need to be in proper health. At the time of application submission, a health certificate from your health advisor will be asked to submit.

You need to be a US resident to apply for this scholarship.


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What is Needed for Application?

No matter if you are studying in graduate studies, you can still lodge the application for Fulbright scholarship program provided that you will be conferred the degree in December in following year. All previous academic records have to be submitted along with the application. The equivalent programs to four years bachelor degrees include international three-year bachelor programs, ACCA and two-year bachelors or two-year masters.

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Apart from looking at your GPA, the selection committee also looks at your academic performance in individual courses and your reputation at the university. There is no minimum requirement for GPA.

You will also need to submit 3 recommendation letters by the deadline of application. You may submit all three academic letters or can submit 2 academic and 1 professional.

Submit an updated resume or CV. It can be submitted in any format but has to be professional.

You need to submit 3 essays with your application. No need to use complex vocabulary rather research about you in depth before penning the essays.

Once shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview that lasts for 30 to 35 minutes and normally four people sit in the interview.

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