Amnesty International Free Human Rights Courses with Certificates 

Amnesty International Offers FREE Courses with FREE Certificates in Various Languages to Everyone

This is an era of technological advancement. The world has become a global village. Everything is on your smartphone and laptop. This ease has opened up many avenues for almost everything. Today, you can do everything online. Among all things done online, education is also available on the go, yes, you can study online now in your comfort, at your place, and whenever you like. Sensing the ongoing trends and the popularity of online education, almost all popular educational institutions have joined the ongoing momentum and trend to provide online study to students. Amnesty International has joined the league and offers you many free online courses with certifications. If you like to enroll in these courses offered by Amnesty, you should learn all the relevant details about Free Human Rights Courses with Certificates offered to you.

Information Regarding Free Human Rights Courses with Certificates 

These are e-learning courses, self-paced courses, available to everyone from the world wishing to learn new things, enhance knowledge and boost a career. There is no denying mentioning that Amnesty International courses are quite popular and hold value among students and individuals worldwide. The organization offers human rights and related to this field courses. The courses are available free of cost.

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Brief Description of Free Online Human Rights Courses 

If you are seeking human rights courses online, this appears to be your best place for online learning. Let’s now check out the details in a brief manner.

Organization: Amnesty International (Amnesty Human Rights Academy)

Available Courses: Human Rights and Related to Human Rights

Mode of Study: E-Learning (Online)

Benefits: Free Learning (Free Courses)

Language of Instruction: Available in Various Languages

Certificate of Completion: Available (where specified)

Who Can Study: Anyone

Deadline: Open All the Time

About Amnesty International

It is a non-government organization that focuses on human rights. The headquarters of Amnesty International is situated in the United Kingdom. According to the organization, it has more than 10 million members and supporters across the globe. It was founded on May 28th, 1961.

The organization campaigns to protect the human rights of individuals and groups around the world. It undertakes information, education, and research campaigns to draw attention to human rights violations and issues. The organization also offers human rights education through Amnesty Human Rights Academy (that is an online e-learning portal offering free courses related to human rights).

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Types of Courses

As mentioned earlier that the courses offered through e-learning facilities (online mode) are self-paced and related to human rights issues, etc. A plethora of courses are available to choose from the collection. You may visit its website and check which one entices you and fits well according to your needs and requirements.

These are well-designed courses that help you gain knowledge, and skills and give a boost to your career. The courses are packed with videos, learning text and quizzes, etc.

Language of Instruction

The courses have been designed in various languages of the world such as English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Nepali, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romain, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and in more others. You may check its website to learn about it.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be conferred with a certificate of competition free of cost. It should be noted that not all courses carry the certificate of completion. In the description of each course, it is mentioned there if the course offers a certificate of completion or not.

Once you complete a course that offers a certificate of completion with a passing grade of at least 50%, your certificate will automatically be available to download.

Deadline for Application Submission

There is no deadline to submit your application. Anyone, who is interested in applying, can enroll anytime.

How to Enroll in a Course

The process of enrollment is very simple and online. New users need to register themselves first. Once they register themselves (create an account) on the Amnesty platform, they need to verify their email address. The process of registration is complete then. Log into your account then, search for the course and click on enroll button and start learning. If still there is confusion or are there any questions that need answers, you may check the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section available on the official website.

For details, course information, registration, enrollment, and start learning, you should visit the official platform of Amnesty Human Rights Academy. It is now time to enjoy Free Human Rights Courses with Certificates available to you.

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