World Health Organization Internship Programme (Funded)

World Health Organization Internship Programme with Financial & Other Benefits (Internships at Various Locations Worldwide)

There is no doubt in the fact that internships play a vital role in making and shaping a good career. You can head toward a beneficial career journey if you have career-making internships behind you. Internship programs add value to your resume or curriculum vitae. When you are offered an internship from authentic and world-renowned organizations, benefits are multiplied. Now, get ready and pull your socks up to get a colossal internship from the World Health Organization (WHO). If you have ever thought of doing an internship with WHO, you should now prepare your application for the World Health Organization Internship Programme. Applications are open and invited.

Details Regarding the World Health Organization Internship Programme

The application period is now open for the World Health Organization Internship. Those, who have been waiting for this opportunity and the ones who are much interested in joining this marvelous programme, can now submit their applications. As for WHO Internship Programme is concerned, it has been designed for future leaders in public health.

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WHO (World Health Organization), being the leader in world public health issues, is committed and determined to construct a diverse pool of future leaders in public health.

This Internship programme offered by WHO carries a wide range of opportunities for students and recent graduates so that they can gain insight into the administrative and technical programmes of the World Health Organization and enrich their experience and knowledge in different areas contributing to the enhancement (advancement) of public health.

As far as the World Health Organization history is concerned, it is a specialized agency of the UN (United Nations) that is responsible for international public health. Established on 7th April 1948, WHO has six regional offices and 150 field offices around the world. Its headquarter is situated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Objectives of WHO Internship

  • One of the objectives of this programme is to provide a framework for assigning eligible students who are from various and different academic backgrounds to World Health Organization programmes where their educational experience will be increased via the opportunities of capacity building.
  • Another objective is to endow them with an opportunity for WHO programmes to get benefit from engagement from students specializing in different fields relevant to administrative and technical programmes of the World Health Organization.
  • The internships available at WHO are offered in technical and administrative programmes like external relations, communication, or human resources.

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Eligibility Criteria for Global Internship Programme at WHO

  • The applicants need to be a minimum of 20 years of age by the time they submit the application.
  • They should be enrolled in a course of study at an institution equivalent to a university or university leading to a formal qualification such as undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate in a medical, public health, or social field relevant to the technical work of the World Health Organization, or in an administrative, management, communication, or relevant to external relations field.
  • Applicants, who have already obtained or completed their qualifications, might also qualify for consideration, provided that they apply to the internship within 6 months following the completion of their formal qualification.
  • You are also eligible to apply for this internship if you have completed your 3 years of full-time studies at a university or equivalent institution before commencing (Bachelor’s level or its equivalent) the internship.
  • Applicants are required to be proficient at least in one of the working languages of the office of assignment.
  • Relatives of WHO staff members such as daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers, or fathers are not eligible to submit their applications for this opportunity.
  • Applicants should hold a valid passport from a WHO member state.
  • If you have previously participated in a WHO internship programme, you are not eligible to apply.

Benefits Offered to Successful Interns

If you are successful, you will be offered various benefits such as:

  • All interns will be provided with medical and accident insurance coverage during the duration of the period of internship. It is to be noted that the coverage of insurance before the commencement of the internship and post (after) the end date of the internship, including travel to and from the location of the duty station, will be the entire personal and financial responsibility of the individual interns.
  • As of January 2020, the World Health Organization provides living expenses (allowance) to eligible chosen interns who are in need of financial support. All interns are required to complete a legal Declaration of Interests form in which the interns declare any related financial disclosures including any financial support in the form of bursaries, grants, scholarships, etc. The eligibility of the interns to get financial support from the World Health Organization will be assessed based on the information provided by the interns on the Declaration of Interests Form.
  • At some duty stations, interns might be provided with lunch vouchers.
  • The approved travel cost for some interns who are from middle-income and least-developed countries could be covered.

Deadline for Applications

Internship opportunities are posted on the page of the internships on a continuous basis. Each of the internships posted on the official page (WHO careers) contains different application deadlines. You are encouraged to keep checking the page if you are interested in doing internships with WHO. If you want to know how to get a WHO internship, you need to keep visiting the official page of WHO Internships.

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How to Apply for the World Health Organization Internship Programme

Applicants from all parts of the world are welcome to apply (if they meet the eligibility standards mentioned in the above lines). Internship positions are available in different fields of work and in different organizational locations (such as country offices, regional offices, or headquarters). Internship positions are posted on a continuous basis on the official page. Each one has its own requirements and deadlines.

If you are interested in applying to the open and available internships, you may visit the official call for the internships and learn all details. Apply according to the instructions mentioned on the official page and under the ‘how to apply’ section (heading).

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