Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Nicosia

University of Nicosia Offers Various Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities – Giant Opportunity to Study in Cyprus

If you are interested in and would like to apply for study abroad scholarships, the opportunities are always in big numbers provided that you search for them carefully and skillfully. Scholarships are offered all over the world from top prestigious universities to small institutions. If you are the one who is seeking scholarships in Cyprus for your higher education, well, the opportunities are out there as well. One of the best and highest-rated universities in Cyprus, the University of Nicosia is offering scholarships. If you show your interest, you may go ahead to learn the details regarding the scholarships and financial aid at the University of Nicosia. Let’s check out.

Information About the Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Nicosia

Exploring about the University of Nicosia, it is a popular private for-profit university located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Earlier it was Intercollege that became the University of Nicosia in September 2007. As far as the University of Nicosia ranking is concerned, it is ranked among the top 501-600 universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings of 2024.

Full-time students are offered scholarships and financial aid in the form of academic merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, financial aid assistance, and on-campus work-study programs. Details for these scholarships and financial aid are mentioned ahead.

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Academic Merit Scholarships at the University of Nicosia

The following are requirements that need to be met for academic merit scholarships.

  1. Based on Previous Academic Performance

Those students who are in their first year at the university are eligible for this scholarship opportunity based on the grades of their high school leaving certificate based on their country qualification (where the qualification was issued). These scholarships are provided as a percentage reduction on students’ tuition and these scholarships are valid for one academic year.

If you would like to avail this brilliant opportunity, you are required to meet the requirements, as they happen to be essential for those who like to avail it.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students have to:

  • Submit their high school leaving certificate upon application, and
  • Be registered on a full-time basis (30 ECTS per semester)

More information regarding this scholarship type can be available at the Admission Department.

  1. Based on Academic Performance at the University

Two regular semesters after the student first registers and every semester thereafter, scholarships will be provided to the students according to their academic performance at the university, as follows:

Cumulative GPA




3.75 to 3.99


3.50 to 3.74


To be eligible for this scholarship type, students must have:

  • A full-time status (30 ECTS per semester)
  • Completed at least 30 credits/60 ECTS at the university, and
  • Been registered in the previous semester

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Athletic Scholarships at the University of Nicosia

The eligible students for this scholarship type are the ones who are actively involved in the sports teams of the university. They may be eligible to receive athletic scholarships of up to 40% of their tuition. Based on their achievements, high-level athletes could also be eligible for a scholarship (each case will be examined individually).

For more information about the athletic scholarships, students can contact the Office of Sports of the University of Nicosia.

Financial Aid at the University of Nicosia

Next under the scholarships and financial aid at the University of Nicosia is financial aid that is offered to native students only. This is provided in the form of a scholarship regardless of the academic performance of the students, as follows:

  • Students should be from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. Those who are interested in financial aid need to complete the Application for Scholarship/Financial Aid form. Those who are new students, they are required to submit this application to the admissions department whereas returning students (after their first year of studies) will be required to submit the application to the Office of Financial Aid. The email of the office is Points will be awarded to the applicant which will be based on different socioeconomic criteria. The amount of the scholarship will be based on the total points awarded to the applicant.
  • Those students who come from large families (such as four children or more) will be eligible for a 15% scholarship for the whole duration of the program.

Note: For European Union/international students, scholarships will be provided depending on the economic condition of each country.

UNIC Academic Family Scholarships

If you like to study in Cyprus, these opportunities will play brilliantly for your career goals. The University of Nicosia is undoubtedly among the best and top universities in Cyprus. Well, the next opportunity is the UNIC Academic Family Scholarships available at the university. Intercollege graduates and University of Nicosia graduates who would like to apply for a second degree at UNIC are eligible for a 10% scholarship for the whole duration of the program.

Families having two or more siblings studying at the university during the same semester are eligible for a 10% scholarship for each kid/child.

On-Campus Work-Study Program

Among the opportunities available to students under the scholarships and financial aid at the University of Nicosia, the on-campus work-study program also drags the attention of the students. There are only a limited number of part-time on-campus internships available to students who have shown outstanding potential in extra-curricular activities and academic performance. The way of compensation in this manner will be in the form of tuition reduction. At the start of each semester, available internships are announced and the details of the same are published/uploaded on the UNIC Portal.

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Early Payment Discount

This can also be considered under the scholarships and financial aid at the University of Nicosia for students interested in studying at the UNIC. All European Union students (such as those who do not require a student visa) who pre-pay the full amount of their semester tuition and fees by the closing date/last day of the add/drop period (for example two weeks after the classes start for normal semesters and one week for summer session) are entitled to an early payment discount of 4%. It should be noted that the available discount will be calculated on the net tuition (for instance, after the deduction of any scholarship if applicable).

Terms and Conditions for Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Nicosia 

Interested candidates (students) should go through the scholarships and financial aid at the University of Nicosia requirements as follows.

  • An application for admission to a study program with full-time status must have been submitted by the applicants for a scholarship/financial aid. The applications have to comply with the acceptance criteria of that study program.
  • All required documents such as the number of dependents in the family, annual income, etc. have to be accompanied by the financial aid application.
  • The scholarships are valid for one academic year unless stated otherwise. They are calculated on the program tuition.
  • After the relevant application is submitted, the amount and duration and the extent of the scholarship after the first year of studies will be decided by the university. Before the start of the next academic year, the application must be submitted.
  • Those students who happen to be eligible for more than one scholarship or financial aid type will be offered the scholarship containing the highest amount.
  • Scholarships will not be offered in the case of distance learning programs, postgraduate programs (with the exception of UNIC Academic Family Scholarships), and medical school programs.

Note: There are other scholarships/financial aid opportunities also available, which can be checked on the official call for scholarships.

Interested students who would like to avail any of the scholarships and financial aid at the University of Nicosia are advised to visit the official call for scholarships for complete details and application procedure, etc.

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