Work Permit for Mauritius for Foreign Workers – A Complete Guide

Work Permit for Mauritius for Foreign Workers – A Complete Guide

If you are seeking work permit for Mauritius in order to legally work there and stay there, then you need to be aware of everything related to the procedure, conditions, visa information, insurance and other things which may come in between the procedure. There is no doubt in mentioning that Mauritius is a well-known destination for expatriates because of the eye candy beaches, robust economy and reefs. If you want to work there, you need to obtain a proper working visa and permit before you legally live and work in this thriving country.

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Work Permit for Mauritius

If you want to make Mauritius your work place, then being a foreign professional, you need a permit which lets you do so. Mauritius offers Occupation Permit and a Work Permit, you need to distinguish between the two. People often get confused about the work permit in Mauritius for foreigners and the occupation permit. There is a not a big difference between the two, but you need to be well-aware of these permits.

What is Occupation Permit?

Well, Occupation Permit Mauritius is actually a combined work and residence permit which allow the foreign nationals to work and live in the country. This permit is only issued to those people who fall under one of the below subcategories:

  • Investors
  • Sponsored Professionals
  • Self-Employed Workers

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Details about Work Permit for Mauritius

For those foreigners who like to work in Mauritius, they need to be in between the age of 20 to 60 years and must possess relevant qualifications to work as managers and supervisors or they should apply their experience and skills to the construction or textile field. For this, the work permit is required.

There is an exemption for the above nonetheless for the few, but they will need to obtain the exemption certificate from the employment division of the Ministry of Labour. For the workers, who earn less than Mauritius Rs.30,000 per month, their employers need to produce a Contract of Employment (COE) that has to be approved and embossed with a stamp by the Labour Division of the Ministry of Labour.

Conditions to be Met

For obtaining the work permit for Mauritius, the applicant needs to fulfill the conditions mentioned in this paragraph. You need to get an employment in Mauritius from the company based in Mauritius. The position needs to be fulltime basis. The work permit is issued to the applicant’s only and therefore cannot be transferred to anyone else.

It is better to be noted that if a foreign professional is seeking a work permit through an international company located in another country (on an intra-company transfer basis), the particular enterprise or the business entity needs to be registered as a foreign branch in Mauritius as per the company laws of Mauritius.

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The applicant cannot apply the work permit himself or herself. It is only the employer or the company that needs to do so for its foreign employee. Even the recruitment agencies too cannot apply the work permit. The company that applies to the work permit for a foreign worker for the first time needs to showcase the below documents:

  • Work permit application form Mauritius (filled up)
  • A certified copy of the business or company’s bylaws

If a Mauritius based company wants to recruit expatriates, the first most step to be taken in to lode a formal request and obtain an In-Principle Approval prior to applying for the work permit with employment division.

Exemptions for Work Permit for Mauritius for Foreigners

The foreign professionals who belong to creative industry such as the ones like theatre artists, models, people in photography field, professionals from audio-visual or television or music industry do not require a work permit to work in Mauritius.  But these people cannot overstay more than 90 days in a row per year in Mauritius. For all others, they need to obtain the work permit for employment.

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Documents Required for Application

Below mentioned are the documents needed to lodge along with the application for the work permit for Mauritius.

  • Filled up application form
  • Complete data sheet
  • Passport sized photos in 4 numbers (4.5 x 3.5 cm with clear background)
  • Copy of the passport with data pages
  • Academic and professional qualifications’ certified copies
  • Previous work experience (in English or French)
  • Job Description
  • COE approved by the Labour Division showing the salary more than Mauritius Rs.30,000
  • Medical certificated issued by the ministry of health and quality of life
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation and the business registration card of the busines entity or the company
  • Proof of the advertising of the job and the number of employees required for the job advertised at least in 2 newspapers in A5 format.

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Note: Additional documents could be required if the employment is done in the fields such as education, bakery, free port, tourism, construction and offshore. If your application has been lodged by the employer, you may check the updates and your Mauritius work permit processing time from your employer or could check with labour ministry or labour office in Mauritius (if you have details about the application).

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