Amsterdam University College Announces ASF Scholarships

Amsterdam University College in the Netherlands Offers ASF Scholarships

If you are seeking higher education in the Netherlands and want financial aid or funding along with your studies, the country always gives you better options to choose from. Besides, the country is from all aspects a quality choice in terms of education. If you are thinking is the Netherlands a good place to study? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ because the Dutch universities are popular to be the best in the world competing with their counterparts or other popular UK and USA universities. The Netherlands is among the top non-English speaking countries where students can receive quality education and get equipped with loads of English-taught degrees. Thus, for those enthusiastic about the Netherlands education, there are ASF Scholarships to apply for.

Information Regarding ASF Scholarships

Where the Netherlands is the best option for studies, it may also turn out to be beneficial for those international students who would like to make their careers there after their graduation/studies.

EEA or Swiss citizens are free to live and work in the Netherlands. Non-EEA nationals may be eligible to settle there (live and work) provided that they have completed their studies or research project in the Netherlands in the past 3 years. They can apply for the ‘orientation year’ residency permit (according to the latest information available online. For updates and accuracy of the information, interested students/individuals are advised to check the official sources).

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Coming back to scholarships matter, the AUC Scholarship Fund offers two types of scholarships – ASF Scholarships and Talent Fellowships. Of these two, ASF Scholarships are what are being discussed here. Amsterdam University College (AUC) in the Netherlands offers this opportunity. You can apply for the standard ASF Scholarship if you find yourself eligible. AUC also offers a small number of full-ride scholarships. Well, these are among the best scholarships in the Netherlands.

About Amsterdam University College (AUC)  

If you want the best education in the Netherlands, AUC is among the best options available for you. It is a public liberal arts college located in the Netherlands having students from more than 60 countries. It offers teaching in English which makes it distinctive among international students.

Eligibility Criteria for ASF Scholarships

For this scholarship opportunity, you need to show your eligibility to apply.

  • Applicants must have applied for a place at American University College.
  • Their family income must be below the threshold.
  • Both Dutch and international students are entitled to apply for a standard ASF Scholarship. Those who are completing their secondary education in the Netherlands are encouraged to apply for a scholarship if they have a migration background and/or they will also be the first generation in their family to go to university.
  • There are a very small number of full-ride scholarships for students paying the non-statutory tuition fee (these are generally students who are from non-EEA countries).

Note: For family income, the applicants should check the details on the official call.

Funding Availability

From September 2024, AUC will offer two levels of ASF Scholarships, details of which are mentioned below:

  • Standard Scholarship: EURO 4000 (for Dutch and international students)
  • Full-Ride Scholarship: EURO 26000 (for non-EEA students only*)

*Non-EEA students are the ones who pay the non-statutory tuition fee for AUC. They are usually from non-EEA countries.

AUC also sometimes awards partial scholarships. For complete details of the funding, you are advised to visit the official call.

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Deadline to Submit Applications

The last date to apply for the scholarship is 1st April 2024.

How to Apply for ASF Scholarships

If you are eligible, you may now submit your application since the application period is open for applications. Visit the official call for complete details including the application procedure.

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