UniTrento Scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Italy

UniTrento Scholarships (The University of Trento Scholarships) for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Italy

Are you passionate about studying abroad? Do you want to study in Italy – the most beautiful, attention-grabbing, and renowned for quality education country? If so, then there is an opportunity that is not only laced with study facilities but also packed with scholarships for you. Isn’t it enticing and alluring? Yes, it is for sure since the majority of the students like to get funding for their studies. This opportunity is being offered by one of the best European universities – The University of Trento (UniTrento). Let’s now explore the details of the UniTrento Scholarships available for you (the ones who meet the eligibility criteria).

Information Regarding the UniTrento Scholarships

There is no doubt that UniTrento (The University of Trento) is among the most popular and renowned universities in Italy that is located in Trento and nearby Rovereto. Founded in 1962, the university has achieved considerable results in research, didactics, and international relations (according to CENSIS and the Italian Ministry of Education). If you are concerned about learning the University of Trento ranking, it is ranked 429th by QS World University Rankings.

The university is pleased to announce the scholarships offered to overseas (international students) who are non-European residing outside Italy. The eligible study programs for scholarship facilities include undergraduate and Masters degrees conducted at UniTrento. Degrees (undergraduate and Master’s) are offered in English and Italian medium of instruction. For more details regarding the medium of instruction and about subjects available under these study programs, you are advised to visit the official website.

UniTrento (The University of Trento) offers scholarships to top-scored candidates non-EU citizens permanently living abroad.

Note: For citizens of Europe and non-European citizens permanently living in Italy, scholarships are provided by Opera Universitaria through a yearly online call.

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Is Italy Good for International Students Interested in Studying There?

The fact remains that the excellence of Italian higher education is widespread everywhere in the world. International students are massively inclined towards studying in Italy. The best about Italian education is that international students can get quality education at reasonable costs (tuition fees) as compared to other parts of Europe.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Trento Scholarships

The eligibility requirements are very simple. If you want to apply, you need to be a non-EU citizen permanently living abroad (outside Italy). The eligible study programs are undergraduate and Master’s degrees offered by the university. Top-scored non-EU students will be offered UniTrento scholarships based on points gained in the final ranking lists.

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Financial Coverage Under UniTrento Scholarships

For your abroad study, this could be your best option. For the first year of enrollment, scholarships to students are offered according to the points obtained in the final ranking lists. Thus, top-scored non-European candidates will be entitled to get one of the UniTrento scholarships for the per year amount of 7200 Euros (8500 Euros to be offered to female students enrolled in STEM degrees).

By the time, the shortlists are published, students will be informed if they are chosen (entitled) for a scholarship. If you are selected from one of the University of Trento scholarships, your tuition fees will be waived. However, it should be noted that the number of scholarships is limited, you could not necessarily be entitled to get a scholarship if you come in the ‘fee waiver’ bracket. The payment of the scholarship will be paid in two installments:

  • The first installment will be paid by the end of December of the first year of enrollment.
  • The second installment will be paid by the end of May of the first year of enrollment, only if the credits students have obtained are a minimum of 50% of the total credit that they are supported to get during the January and February exam sessions.

If the students do not succeed in fulfilling the requirements of receiving the second installment in May, they will be allowed to receive the second installment in October providing that they obtain 42 credits (36 for degrees in Italian) by 10th August.

If you somehow will not be able to get the needed credits by August 10th, the university will ask you to return the part of the scholarship already received and you will need to pay the fees established/due for the next academic year (as per the range values in the available table on the official call).

Special Note: Those students who are awarded/entitled to another scholarship for similar purposes and at the same time cannot benefit from this scholarship (UniTrento Scholarship).

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Confirmation of the Scholarship and Enrollment Renewal

The University of Trento Scholarship can be extended to the following academic year after the student’s performance is verified, following the procedure mentioned/described above based on the verification of credits obtained during each year with similar deadlines.

The yearly scholarship can be stretched/extended until September of the next (following year) within the regular duration of the student’s degree program. As far as the maximum duration of the scholarship is concerned, it is 2 years for a Master’s student and 3 years for a Bachelor’s student. Every September, the credits the students have obtained till August 10th are checked so that their scholarship can be confirmed and extended to the next (following) year. If in that case, the student is not entitled to the scholarship extension, the student will then have to pay the tuition fees (tuition amount) according to the table (which you can find on the official call).

Deadline to Submit the Applications

There is no deadline mentioned for the scholarship application. You should follow the deadline for your desired degree program to avail this opportunity and you should also visit the official website of the university to confirm the deadline since it is not mentioned on the official call.

How to Apply for the UniTrento Scholarships

If you are interested in this scholarship opportunity, you need to obtain admission into an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) or Master’s degree program. Besides, follow the instructions carefully available on the official call for scholarships.

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