University of Saskatchewan Scholarships (Various) in Canada

University of Saskatchewan (Canada) Offers Various Scholarships for International Students (Attractive Funding)

Those students, who always wish to study or pursue their higher education goals abroad or even in their own countries, prefer to study at the top universities in the world. They keep searching for the same and would love to apply to them for their studies. Canada is among the world’s top places where the education standards are quite high and considered very important. This is the reason, students from all parts of the world are inclined towards studying there. If you are among those lovers who prefer Canadian universities and like to avail scholarships as well, there is an opportunity – the University of Saskatchewan scholarships, which you may apply for.

Information Regarding the University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

A popular Canadian public research university, The University of Saskatchewan was founded on 19th March 1907.  It is one of the top public and best universities in Canada. It grabs the attention of the students from all parts of the world. USask is best known for its research activities and the tendency of international students towards getting admission for undergraduate and graduate programs is very high.

As far as the University of Saskatchewan ranking is concerned, it is ranked 345th position by QS World University Rankings.

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The University of Saskatchewan Scholarships for International Students

If you like studying in Canada and pour your focus on higher-ranked universities, USask appears to be the best option for your goals. The university itself values its students as well which is why it keeps offering financial assistance in the forms of scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

The university likes to recognize students’ academic achievements and personal accomplishments to support them financially. You may now learn more about the scholarships offered at USask. If you like to avail of scholarships, you need to apply for admission before 15th February 2024.

The opportunities open for students are – Competitive Entrance Scholarships, International Student Awards, and International Baccalaureate (IB) Awards. If you plan to grab these or any of these scholarships, the deadline for admissions is 15th February 2024. Below is the information for these available awards. Start your application now.

Details About Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

These are automatic scholarships. By the time you apply for admission, you will automatically be considered for this scholarship. Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships recognize your academic achievements and will be offered based on your admission average.

Students/Applicants Best Average Scholarship Value



93% to 94.9%


90% to 92.9%


85% to 89.9%


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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants will be taken into consideration for this opportunity if they are:

  • Present high school (secondary) students who plan to join USask after they graduate.
  • Students who have already graduated from high school (secondary) but possess little or no previous post-secondary education (less than 18 transferable credit units), or
  • Starting their degree program in a direct-entry college (Arts and Science, Agriculture and Bioresources, Engineering, Education, Kinesiology, or Edwards School of Business).

How the Average is Calculated?

The University of Saskatchewan scholarships (for Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships), are awarded on the applicant’s admission average.

If the applicants apply for admission during their Grade 12 year, their average will be calculated twice – once by the time of admission after graduation, and once they receive their final official transcript. The scholarship amount will be based on the applicants’ highest average.

If they have already graduated from high school, then only their final Grade 12 average will be taken into consideration (used).

How Will Applicants Be Informed?

If the applicants qualify for this Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship based on their admission average, the university will let them know in their admission letter. If they apply for admission during their Grade 12 year and their average is higher after graduation than it was when they were offered admission, they might be eligible for a higher scholarship amount. If this happens to be your case, the university will inform you by email.

When Will the Payment Be Provided?

The scholarship will be applied directly to your USask student account for the payment of tuition and fees by mid-September, provided that you:

  • Enroll in at least 18 credit units in the Fall and Winter terms (September to April) in the year the scholarship (award) is to be taken up, and
  • Arrange for your final official high school transcript which should be sent directly to USask.

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Will Students Be Able to Receive Other Scholarships or Bursaries 

Students can receive payment of one Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship and one Competitive Entrance Award, Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship or Excellence Award from USask.

They will also be eligible to receive additional awards administered at the college/department level or from other external sources, these will not affect their entrance awards at USask.

You may visit the official link for Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships for more details.

Details About the University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards

These awards are provided based on the academic achievement of students. These are quite popular awards offered to students. If you meet the eligibility, you may apply for them.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested candidates need to meet the eligibility standards set for the University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards.

International students/overseas students (non-Canadian citizens paying differential tuition) who are entering any direct-entry college at the University of Saskatchewan will be considered for an international Student Scholarship. In addition to a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship, the recipients will also be eligible to get/receive the International Student Entrance Scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

This opportunity is also presented under the University of Saskatchewan Scholarships. So, if you are offered the International Excellence Award, you will get a one-time scholarship which is valued at CDN$10,000.

Deadline for Applications

The last submission date for applications is 15th February 2024. It is advised to apply early for the opportunity.

How to Apply for the University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards

Once you apply online for undergraduate admission, you will be eligible for consideration. As mentioned earlier, the application deadline is 15th February 2024. On the part of the students/applicants, they need to submit the essential supporting documents, pay the application fee which is CDN$90, and meet admission requirements (including English language proficiency) by March 1st. Interested candidates can find the application form online.

Note: There are more scholarships/awards available under this category, you may find those by visiting the official link that also provides complete details about these International Excellence Awards.

Details Regarding International Baccalaureate (IB) Excellence Awards

For these awards offered by the University of Saskatchewan, the selection criteria consist of your academic achievement, as presented by anticipated/predicted IB diploma scores. If you like to be considered or you want to apply for these awards, you need to meet the eligibility standards mentioned in the following.

Eligibility Criteria for International Baccalaureate (IB) Excellence Awards

These are one-time awards. The eligible candidates are those who are non-Canadian citizens paying differential tuition (international students) completing a full I diploma and entering any direct-entry college at the University of Saskatchewan will be considered for these awards.

In addition to a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship, recipients are eligible to get/receive the IB Excellence Awards.

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Scholarship Value

The value of the scholarship will be CDN$20,000.

Closing Date for Applications

The last date for the application submission is 15th February 2024. If you like to apply, you need to follow the deadline.

How to Apply for University of Saskatchewan Scholarships (IB Excellence Awards)

Once you apply for undergraduate admission, your application will be eligible for scholarship consideration. But you need to apply for admission till 15th February 2024. You are also required to provide the necessary supporting documents and pay the application fee in addition to meeting the USask admission requirements (including your proficiency in English) by March 1st. The application form you may get online.

Also, visit the official link for more elaboration and accuracy of the information.

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