The Best Caribbean Countries for Digital Nomads to Obtain Visas

The Caribbean Countries Which Offer Easy Digital Nomad Visas to People of the World

The importance of digital nomads has become quite strapping these days. The value of remote work and the remote workers have increased supremely high across the world. This is the reason that we have started witnessing the enhancement of digital nomad visa. A number of countries in the world today offer digital nomad visas. The rest have also started working on the launch of these types of visas to attract remote workers or digital nomads in their country to boost up their economy. The demand of the remote workers has boosted up, this is the reason that digital nomad jobs have now jumped in entire world. Caribbean region had also joined the bandwagon, and has begun offering these types of visas. Let’s find out the best Caribbean countries for digital nomads.

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Information about the Best Caribbean Countries for Digital Nomads

With a digital nomad visa, you are provided with a short-term access to countries across the globe. It typically lasts from 6 to 12 months for remote workers. In some countries, the duration is different, and could last till 2 years or more.

Since the remote workers earn quite handsome money, the digital nomad lifestyle is very lavish and attractive. They not only enjoy various eye-candy locales of the world, but also earn mammoth income. There are certain digital nomads as well, who earn passive income while they enjoy their vacations and travel around the world.

The Caribbean always attracts the eyeballs. A whopping number of travelers from all parts of the world come to visit the islands and countries in Caribbean region. Now the countries in Caribbean offer digital nomads to the remote workers of the world. Which are the best Caribbean countries for digital nomads so that you can decide which one attracts and suits you to the most.

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Best Caribbean Countries Which Offer Digital Nomad Visas

A number of countries in Caribbean region offer digital nomad visas to remote workers or the ones who do freelancing, and are location-independent. Few of them are the best for various reasons. Let’s find them out as under:


Caribbean country Curacao has initiated the digital nomad visa called @Home that allows the remote workers or digital nomads to stay in the country for 6 months. This visa is renewable for another 6 month-time period, if you like to make extension.

Antigua and Barbuda

This visa is called Antigua Nomad Digital Residence that allows the people (remote workers) to live and work on this beautiful twin-island state for 2 years. It is time to escape the usual hustle and bustle of city life by relocating to this eye-candy Caribbean country. The tropical paradise welcomes the digital nomads.

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This country also offers digital nomad visa for foreigners wishing to enter into the country as a remote worker. Barbados has started a digital nomad program called ‘Barbados Digital Stamp’ that lets the people to work remotely in Barbados. This visa is issued for a time period of 12 months (one year), and is renewable. Family too can be brought along by following the requirements.

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Caribbean country Bermuda offers ‘Work from Bermuda Certificate’ program for digital nomads. If interested, you may apply to this visa type that carries simple requirements. The visa is issued for one-year time, and is renewable. The dependents are also allowed.

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The Work in Nature program is what Dominica offers to digital nomads. It allows the people to lie, work and rejuvenate in the country for up to 18 months. Enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle in this Caribbean country.’

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