25 Most Cheapest Universities in the US – Get Enrolled and Make Your Future Bright

cheapest universities in America

We bring you the best and the cheapest universities in America – all you have to do is apply and get yourself enrolled into

Universities in the United States are quite expensive and we all are well aware of the fact. Studying in a US university is everybody’s dream. But how can one study there when the budget is quite high? But wait…! No need to just think that you cannot study there if you have lesser or low budget. There are certain universities and colleges in United States which offer admission to international students at quite lesser costs. We here bring you a list of the cheapest universities in America and hope this list will surely bring a smile on your face. It is a list of 25 universities and colleges of the US offering low tuition for international students. Let’s read it.

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25 Cheapest Universities in America

  1. South Texas College (tuition fee $1317)
  2. Indian River State College (tuition fee $2138)
  3. Sitting Bull College, ND (tuition fee $938)
  4. University of Texas-Pan American (tuition fee $1646)
  5. California State University-Los Angeles (tuition fee $3263)
  6. California State University-Dominguez Hills (tuition fee $2451)
  7. Palm Beach State College, Florida (tuition fee $3490)
  8. Elizabeth City State University, NC (tuition fee $3335)
  9. CUNY Lehman College, New York (tuition fee $4335)
  10. Haskell Indian Nations University (tuition fee $4302)
  11. Louisiana State University-Shreveport (tuition fee $4364)
  12. Chiploa College, Florida (tuition fee $4568)
  13. Texas A&M International University (tuition $4594)
  14. CUNY John Jay College Criminal Justice, NY (tuition $4568)
  15. Oglala Lakota College, SD (tuition $4871)
  16. Bellevue College, WA (tuition $4749)
  17. California State University-Fullerton (tuition $4874)
  18. University of Louisiana at Lafayette (tuition $5042)
  19. Middle Georgia College (tuition $4809)
  20. University of Hawaii-West Oahu (tuition $5201)
  21. Dalton State College, GA (tuition $5309)
  22. University of Texas at El Paso (tuition $5224)
  23. Oklahoma Panhandle State University (tuition $5434)
  24. College of Coastal, Georgia (tuition $5449)
  25. Midland College, TX (tuition $5471)

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