International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Photo Credit: Aspira University College, Croatia

Apply for International Hospitality and Tourism Management program and get paid jobs in Spain

Aspira University College, Croatia offers undergraduate admissions in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. This is not only a study program but also a program that offers you paid internship opportunities in Spain. Tourism and hotel industry has been getting big boom in entire world. Not only in Europe and America there are plenty of job opportunities for these fields but also in entire world you may get handsome amount of jobs to start your career with.

There is a big demand of tourism and hospitality experts and when you are trained from Europe or first world, your demand becomes higher and you are rewarded with more opportunities than others. Aspira University College, considering these facts, has come up with Bachelor’s degree program in International Hospitality and Tourism Management with astonishing offer of paid internship in Spain. The internship can lead to a permanent job depending on the potential of the students.

Students will be offered internships in Spanish hotels and resorts. This internship includes full-time working hours (40 hours a week), 2 days off, accommodation and meals with a salary of 200 to 300 Euros per month (duration is up to the students).

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