Pardee RAND M.Phil. in Policy Analysis (Higher Funding) in USA

Pardee RAND Graduate School Offers M.Phil. Program with Higher Funding Options in Santa Monica (California)

The fact remains that the importance of policy analysis is all the time high whether in the field or taking it as a subject. It is important because when you conduct a policy analysis, it makes sure that you have gone through a systematic procedure to select the policy option that happens to be best for the situation. Additionally, public analysis always helps public officials understand how economic, social, and political conditions change and how public policies have to evolve to meet the changing needs of a changing society. In a capsule, if you are interested in this field for your study goals and want financial aid to fund your study, Pardee RAND M.Phil. in Policy Analysis is available to apply for in the United States of America.

Information Regarding Pardee RAND M.Phil. in Policy Analysis

At Pardee RAND Graduate School, you are welcome to the Master of Philosophy in Policy Analysis program. This program has been designed to jumpstart students’ careers and prepare them to make a positive impact on the world. If you are successful in gaining admission to this M.Phil. in Policy Analysis program, you will be offered colossal funding as well, details of which are mentioned ahead in the post.

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About The Pardee RAND Graduate School (United States)

Located in Santa Monica (California) in the USA, The Pardee RAND Graduate School was launched in 1970. It was founded as one of the eight graduate programs created to train students as future leaders in public policy. The Pardee RAND offers a full-time PhD Program in Policy Analysis and a two-year Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Policy Analysis. The graduate school (Pardee RAND) is backed by the brainpower and resources of the RAND Corporation.

Importance of the Program

In today’s scenario, your ability to interpret data and analyze policies is more vital than ever. Therefore, at Pardee RAND, a unique educational experience is offered that equips you with the expertise and knowledge required to tackle complex policy challenges.

By doing an M.Phil. in Policy Analysis, you will

  • Begin conducting real-world policy research at a global policy research organization that provides you with hands-on experience and much exposure to cutting-edge research.
  • Engage in an interdisciplinary curriculum that helps you start thinking critically and creatively regarding complex policy issues.
  • Become a graduate laced with a worthwhile set of skills, experience, and connections that will prepare you for a successful career ahead in policy analysis and its relevant fields.

Program Basics (Pardee RAND M.Phil. in Policy Analysis)

This M.Phil. program will be conducted in Santa Monica, California (USA). The duration of the program will be full-time 21 months on campus. It will be a fall quarter start.

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Requirements for Admission

  • You have completed a Bachelor’s degree by the beginning of the program. If you have some prior research or work experience, it is also desired.
  • You should be available to participate in our full-time research-and-study program to be conducted at the headquarters of RAND in Santa Monica, California.
  • Applicants should demonstrate their strong quantitative expertise (skills). All majors and disciplines are warmly welcome.

Note for International Students: If requested, you have to provide proof of funds prior to the issuance of a formal letter of admission and a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status (Form I-20).

Available Financial Support for M.Phil. Students

Pardee RAND strongly believes that financial hurdles should not prevent exceptional students/individuals from pursuing a career in policy analysis. This is the reason that it offers financial assistance to its students. A range of benefits and financial support are awarded such as:

  • Research fellowships and scholarships which substantially offset students’ tuition costs.
  • Health insurance and various other benefits.
  • This program has been designed to be completed in 21 months while it also provides the students with real-world work experience.

Annual Tuition for the Program – Year One ($50,000) and Year Two ($50,000).

Pardee RAND does not charge to students any other student service fees.

Tuition Scholarships – There are tuition scholarships available to all M.Phil. students. They will receive a merit scholarship worth up to $25,000 per year.

Year One Year Two
Scholarship Amount Up to $25,000 Scholarship Amount Up to $25,000

Research Fellowships for Students

Pardee RAND requires all M.Phil. students to participate in an on-the-job training (OJT) program through which the students work on research teams of RAND. These research fellowships help the students earn around $31,200 per year (pre-tax) by working 75 days each year. This fellowship happens to be an academic feature of the M.Phil. degree. It also enables the students to get worthwhile experience while they earn a stipend which they can use to pay their tuition or reduce their living costs.

Earnings of Research Fellowship

Year One Year Two
Earning for Research Fellowship $31,200* Earning for Research Fellowship $31,200*

*These are pre-tax earnings through OJT (on-job-taring). If you like to earn more, you may work more than the required 75 days each year.

Health Insurance Plus Other Benefits Available to Students

Under Pardee RAND M.Phil. in Policy Analysis program, all enrolled students will be offered health insurance at no additional cost. At a subsidized rate, eligible dependents can enroll as well. Other benefits include the usage of a laptop computer and peripherals, free underground parking, an assigned cubicle workspace, and a commuter assistance program.

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Application Components for This M.Phil. Program

  • Initial Application Form
  • CV/Resume
  • School Transcripts
  • Quantitative Coursework
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Essays and Optional Statement
  • Test Score (GRE/GMAT Optional)

Note: English language exemption is available to international students. You may be exempted if either of the below-mentioned criteria applies:

  • Your bachelor’s or higher degree is from a university located in the U.S. or other English-speaking country where study (courses) is taught in English, or
  • You have completed a minimum of two years of full-time study at a university or higher education institution where study programs (courses) are taught in English.

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Deadline to Submit the Applications

For the fall 2024 term (intake), the applications are now open. The deadline to submit your application is 9th January 2024.

How to Apply for Pardee RAND M.Phil. in Policy Analysis

If you are eligible to apply and have an interest in applying for this interesting opportunity, you are advised to first visit the official call for the M.Phil. in Policy Analysis program and read all details carefully. Also read about the program, its curriculum, admission requirements, OJT, and relevant details on the official webpage. Once you are ready to submit the application, you may start your application and submit it on the official submission page.

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