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How to Get Spain Work Visa Legally and Easily? It’s Time to Settle in Spain with Your Family or Dependents

If you are looking for a Spain work visa, then you need to first do a good research on how to get it and what is required in order to obtain the same? You also need to know if you require it work there or not. If you need, then there are procedures for applying the same. There is no doubt in mentioning that there is a certain procedure to follow if you plan to move to Spain to work.

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For the simple question ‘Do you need a work permit to work in Spain?’ The instant answer is ‘yes’, if you are an outsider. Certain nationalities do require a Spanish work permit in order to work and live there legally. And there are various kinds of Spanish work visas as well as exemptions for the nationals of some specific countries depending on your nationalities and employment situation.

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This work visa is closely linked to your residence status in Spain. An in majority of the cases, you need to have an arranged job prior to applying for a work permit to move to Spain.

Do You Require Spain Work Visa to Do Work and Live There?

Citizens from EU/EEA or Switzerland can live and work there in Spain without any work visa or any restrictions. But the non-EU citizens will be in need to obtain a work visa before they land in there and start working and living in Spain. But there are nonetheless some exceptions for non-EU citizens such as academics or scientists working on particular projects or close relatives who are joining family members who have been in Spain for work for a year or more.

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How Can You Get a Job in Spain?

Well, before you apply or get a work visa, you need to first get a job in Spain. There are numerous ways of getting jobs in Spain such as you can use job sites and upload your CV on the websites in addition to applying for the jobs online.

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What Else after You Secure a Job?

After you have found a job there in Spain – the next step will be done by your employer who will request authorization (a work permit) for you so that you may legally work in Spain. You will be granted the work visa only if your job is listed as a Shortage Occupation or for this vacancy there is no suitable candidate from Spain or EU. Once the authorization process is done and you are granted the authorization that will be combined with residence permit for you, you may then be able to apply for Spain work visa. Your employer will then submit your application on your behalf for the work visa to the provincial office of the Ministry of Labor.

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Spain Work Permit Processing Time

Whilst this all process is being done for Spain work permit visa, you will be provided with an application copy with a stamp embossed by the office and file number. These documents will be needed for visa obtaining purpose as you will send those to Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country for visa application (this will be a work and residence visa). Once you do so, the embassy will then inform the regional labor office about your application and later the labor office then will begin processing your application. Remember, this process takes time. Thus it may take up to 8 months to get you a work permit. By the time the labor office approves your work visa, the embassy or Spanish consulate will then issue to you the work and residence visa so that you can move to Spain to start your work.

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Spain work visa is valid for one year, but it is renewable as long as you keep fulfilling the conditions. Once you spend 5 years over there, you will be eligible to apply for long-term residence permit.

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Exemptions in Work Visa

There are certain people who do not need to obtain Spain work visa to undertake any kind of employment there. But they still need a visa to land into Spain and get a residence permit. These people include scientists, technicians, professors, the ones who are invited to develop cultural programs or scientific research, foreign journalists, artists to deliver performances, clergy and internationally recognized trade union officials.

Remember: You need not to have a visa for Spain or there are no visa or work restrictions for you if you like to come to Spain to do voluntary work. If anyone of you likes to learn about Spain work permit cost, then mind you it will be revealed by the relevant authorities only.

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Spain Work Visa for Seasonal Workers

If you like to do a seasonal employment in Spain, you need to apply and get the work visa in same manner as you do for other works. However, there are some additional things you need to do. Let’s learn below:

  • You need to show you have a suitable accommodation.
  • You need to provide proof that your travel arrangements are done and travel costs are covered.
  • You need to show that you will return your homeland after completing the seasonal work or once the seasonal contract ends.

This permit lasts according to the duration of the seasonal work contract. Often people, who plan to go to work in Spain, think about the minimum salary offered under Spain work visa. Well, there is no exact answer to this question since salaries vary according to job nature and applicant’s qualifications and experience. Nonetheless, the average salary could be searched over the web.


How to Get an EU Blue Card?

You, as an international applicant, may obtain EU Blue Card as well. It holds so many benefits for the people who have it. In order to apply for the same, you need to have a higher education qualification that took your three years minimum to complete (such as Bachelor’s degree or Master or higher) that lets you work at a higher level in a professional setup and capacity or if you are laced with a minimum of five years’ professional experience at the same level. If you fulfill the above, you are eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card. Besides, you need to have a work contract or a legal job offer from Spain.

On your behalf, the employer will submit your application coupled with the required documents. The employer will also have to provide proofs that he or she could not find a suitable candidate for this job from Spain or from other parts of EU. The employer will also have to attach your qualification documents and passport or ID along with health insurance.

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Once you are granted EU Blue Card, you will then need to arrange your documentation and approach to the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country to get the visa to travel to Spain. To apply for visa at embassy, you need to show your passport, no criminal record certificate from police department, medical certificate and a copy of the job contract. Once you are entitled with a visa, you need to travel to Spain within three months-time. EU Blue Card’s validity is for a year and it is renewable for as long as you keep meeting the conditions.

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Travel Benefits of EU Blue Card

With your EU Blue Card, you can enjoy traveling to other EU states for up to 3 months within a 6 months period. Once you complete 18 months, you may move to any EU state to work there, but for this you need to apply for the EU Card in that country.

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Spain Work Visa for Self-Employed and Freelancers

If your plan is to come to Spain and work there independently, then you need to apply for a work permit at the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country. Below mentioned documents are needed to attach along with your visa application:

  • a business plan (if appropriate)
  • evidence that you have the appropriate finances to invest or support yourself
  • proof that you have the skills or experience to do the work
  • any contracts or commissions from companies
  • any licenses or registrations required to carry out the work in Spain
  • information about potential to create employment in Spain

Work permits are valid for one year and can be renewed if you still fulfill the conditions. After spending 5 years in Spain, you are eligible to apply for a long-terms residence permit or visa.

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Students’ Rights to Work in Spain

If you are an international student in Spain and have a residence card, you are allowed to work there for up to 20 hours a week in the duration of your study. Your employer has to arrange your work permit on your behalf.

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Are Family Members Allowed to Work in Spain?

Family members have the right to join in non-EU workers who have been working and living there for one year and have a residence permit for further one year. They can join them by applying for a family reunification. Once their application is approved, they have the right to work there without a work permit.

The relatives or family members of EU/EEA or Swiss citizens can come to Spain without any application or special arrangement and they do not need to wait for a year. They can work without work permits. If the family members like to stay in Spain on their own separate residence permits, their employer has to apply for their permit on their behalf.

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For the family members of EU Blue Card holders, they can apply for a temporary residence permit without any wait for a year or so. They are eligible to work in Spain without the need of a work permit.

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After Arriving in Spain

After you have arrived in Spain to work there, you need to apply for foreigner’s identity card (TIE/NIE) and also you need to register for social security. This all can be done with the relevant authorities in Spain.

If you have any questions for Spain work visa or work permit, you may ask the same in comments section.


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