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Romania Needs Foreign Workers – Simple Ways to Apply for Romania Work Permit

First things first – foreign citizens, who even hold a job in Romania, cannot apply for a Romania work permit on their own behalf. It is the employer who has to apply for the work permit. The government will issue the work permit only if there is a lack of Romanian citizens or the citizens of EU/EEA member states to fill that position. This is the major condition of the eligibility for obtaining a work permit. Details of the conditions will be discussed later in the article. Professional activity of any foreign worker on Romanian land can only be taken place with a work permit.

As per the regulations of European Union, every EU/EEA citizen has the same rights for labor as any Romanian citizen has. Therefore, they do not require a work permit to do job or business there. Third world countries’ nationals or any foreign worker (except EU/EEA citizens) can surely work in Romania provided that they hold a work permit and later they will require a long stay visa for work and a residence permit.

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Types of Work Permits Romania Offers

Well, there are numerous types of Romania work permit that can be conferred to foreign citizens such as permits for seasonal workers, permits for permanent workers, permits for trainees, permits for athletes, permits for cross-border workers and nominal work permits.

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Extensions in Romania Work Permit

Yes, the extensions are granted to work permits. It all depends on the category of permit you hold. The right to extend your temporary stay for employment purposes could be extended up to one year as a general rule. For the highly skilled workers, the extension can be up to 2 years.

Romania Work Permit

Conditions of Obtaining Employment in Romania

Apart from your skills required for a particular job, there are some other certain conditions needed to be fulfilled to get employed in Romania. Let’s find them out below:

  • To get a medical certificate stating that you are fit to do job in Romania
  • To get a police certificate stating that you have no criminal record
  • To meet employer’s requirements regarding experience and training under the provisions of law
  • You need to be within the annual quota approved by the government
  • The position offered to you cannot be fulfilled by the citizens of EU member states/EEA and Romanians.

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Who Have Exemptions from Holding Work Permit in Romania

  • Those who have a permanent residence on national territory or were granted with a form of protection
  • Those who have a residence permit for studies
  • Those who are EU and EEA citizens or from a country that is in agreement with Romania on labor market access
  • Those who are family members of a Romanian citizen
  • Those who have been deployed in Romania
  • Those who conduct scientific or any other particular activities temporarily under bilateral agreements or residence permit
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Steps Included in Obtaining Romania Work Permit

It is the employer who offers job to a foreigner to begin the steps to obtain a work permit. He or she submits all necessary files and pays the applicable taxes at the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) office. It almost takes 30 days for IGI to work on such requests. For details, visit IGI official page about work permits.

You may also find more details and prerequisites for foreigners by visiting the official website of the ministry of labor, family, social protection and elderly. Information Guide for Third World Countries Nationals.

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Application for Work Permit

An employer is the one who can obtain a work permit or it is obtainable by the natural person or legal entity based on the submitted documents at the territorial units of IGI. It is the responsibility on the part of the employer to keep the documents in order in order to prove that the employment of the foreign worker was according to laws. He or she should also put into the record of a certified copy of the work permit or residence permit issued for work purposes.

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Documents Required

  • CV or resume
  • Affidavit stating that the worker has no criminal records and is medically fit
  • Affidavit stating the he or she has minimal Romanian language skills
  • Graduation record (if the worker is educated) translated and certified
  • Passport or ID coupled with long stay visa (both original and copy)
  • Medical and tax registration certificate
  • Photos (3/4) in two numbers
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Steps Needed to Do after You Receive Romania Work Permit

After a work permit is issued, foreign citizens should go applying for a long term visa at consular offices or at the Romanian Diplomatic Missions. For those foreign workers who work under a valid work permit, they do not need to get IGI approval – the only approval they require is of the National Visa Center. For more details on long stay visa for 3rd world nationals, information is presented on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Long Stay Visa page.

Click for More Official Details at Ministry of Labor’s Website

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