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Estonia Officially Launches Digital Nomad Visa for International Applicants

There has been a big circulation of the news about Estonia Digital Nomad Visa everywhere on the web, social media and in the media since quite some time. But now it has officially been announced by Estonian Government. If you were seeking to settle in the beautiful and peaceful Estonia, then it is your chance to make it happen. The applications have now been opened for international applicants to apply for this visa. This visa is called Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) that permits international citizens in Estonia to work for an international employer or as a freelancer.

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The country has launched officially a new Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers that is all set to attract the eyes of the world audience.

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Details of Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

The government of Estonia makes the announcement of the visa by saying that the country has now launched a new Digital Nomad Visa which lets the remote workers to live in Estonia and work legally for their employer or their own company registered abroad. Earlier, there was an ambiguity between the digital nomads and remote workers, now they are satisfied and come to work legally in Estonia. Since 1st of August 2020, the visa can now be applied. The best about Estonia is that it has already transformed the way a country helps people beyond its borders through various programs such as e-Residency. Now with Estonia Digital Nomad Visa, people are free to work and live there with legal rights.

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Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for Estonia Digital Nomad Visa, if you fulfill below requirements:

  • You need to prove that you are a ‘digital nomad (freelancer)’ meaning that you are able to work independent of location and can perform your duties by being remote using telecommunication technology.
  • You also need to show that you have an active work contract with a company which is registered outside of Estonia, and of which you are a shareholder, partner or freelancer for clients of international countries.
  • In addition to all, you also need to provide an evidence that your earning or income should meet the minimum threshold during the last six months preceding the application. Currently, the monthly income set by the government of Estonia is €3,504 (gross of tax).

Note: The best of this digital nomad visa is that the visa holders are eligible to travel to any of borderless Schengen area on the same visa without any fear of breaking the law.


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How to Apply for Estonia Digital Nomad Visa?

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Review your eligibility requirements mentioned above.

You need to fill in the application form online. Print the filled up form and then sign it. The applicants are required to pay the visa applications fee such as the state fee is 80€ for a Type C (short stay) visa and 100€ Type D (long stay) visa.

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After you have done the above mentioned steps, next step is to arrange an appointment at your nearest embassy or consulate to submit your digital nomad visa application. When you appear at the embassy, make it sure that you bring the copies of the required supporting documents.

The embassy reviews the applications within 30 day-time.

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Note: If you are already legally in Estonia and now you like the extension in your stay, you have the option to apply for this visa at a Police and Border Guard Board Office in Estonia. If you are going to apply in Estonia, you need to make it sure that you have sufficient time for the application processing period.  Remember, no one is automatically eligible for this visa, as the embassies thoroughly check the background carefully for the applicants.

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More Details about Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

Due to ongoing impact of the pandemic (COVID-19), still the borders of Estonia are open for those travelling from a limited group of approved countries outside the Schengen Zone, European Union and the UK. Thus the only applicants from these approved countries can make their applications for digital nomad visa. This visa does not provide applicants coming from countries not the approved list with an exemption to travel to Estonia. To get the latest information including the countries approved, you need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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Who is Authorized to Issue Digital Nomad Visa?

Carefully remember, the Estonian Government has not assigned any private visa agent or any representative to process this visa. No one has rights or ability to handle DNV applications. The only way that is official is to apply through Estonian embassy in your country or near to your country that handles visa applications or you can apply at a Police and Border Guard Office in Estonia.

Check Official Information on Digital Nomad Visa, Your Eligibility and Application Process

In order to check official information about this visa and if you are eligible for it and what is the application process and issues related to this visa, click below links.

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Click for Detailed Information

Click for Details FAQ

Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

Apply For Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

 In order to make the application for this type of visa, use the below official links for application form and the nearest Estonian Embassy to file your application to.

Click for the Application Form

Check Estonian Embassies and Representations in the World

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