What Citizenship the Baby Born Mid-Flight Will Be Offered (Full Guide)

What Citizenship the Baby Born Mid-Flight Will Be Offered – All Questions Answered?

Well, this question is often asked and even hits the mind of the people across the world – what will be the nationality of the baby born on a plane or mid-flight?  More questions then start jumping up in the mind regarding the citizenship of the baby born mid-flight.

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Baby Born Mid-Flight Surprise

What happens if you give birth on a plane during the flight? The baby born mid-flight is also called ‘baby born surprise’ since it happens unexpectedly. If the baby is born when the plane is in the air, usually the baby will become the citizen of the same country as the mother or father has the nationality of the country. On the other hand, it also happens that the ‘sky born babies’ or often called ‘air born babies’ get the citizenship of the country whose airspace they were flying over by the time they were born mid-flight. The questions whether the sky born babies get free flights forever or what is their citizenship are not as straight as they seem to be, nonetheless there are many rules which provide them benefits. Let’s learn in this article.

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Let’s Find Out More about Baby Born Mid-Flight

It is also often thought whether the baby born mid-flight will have dual citizenship or which types of citizenship the baby will be offered after birth. The answer is complicated because many factors come into when the decision is made of the citizenship of the baby. It is very rare to give birth to babies during flight, but it happens. Giving birth to a baby while flying at 36,000 feet in the air is not common. But the records say that it has taken place a few dozen times since humans first took flight. The first baby was born mid-flight way back in 1929.

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The recent baby born took place on a JetBlue flight from San Juan to Ft. Lauderdale. It was a baby boy and initially was named ‘Born to Be Blue’, but later renamed something else.

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What Citizenship Status Awarded to a Baby Born on a Plane?

Citizenship of a baby born on flight is a very common question. For this, the answer is complicated as every country has its own rules. Well, usually the baby will get the citizenship status of the mother or father. But it often happens that the skyborn or airborn babies are conferred with the citizenship of the country whose airspace the plane was using at the time of birth. Not many countries award the citizenship to a baby born on flight on the basis of their airspace, but United States is among those countries which grants citizenship to the baby born on plane based on being born inside or within the 12-nautical miles of the borders including in the sky. This is also popular as jus soli (right of the soil). The countries which grants citizenship based on where the baby was born, and whether they may have dual citizenship or not, you may check HERE.

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Alternatively, the new baby born on flight is awarded the citizenship of the country, the airplane is registered there.

Are Baby Born Mid-Flight Awarded with Free Flights for Life?

If a child is born on an international flight, the common question hits the mind – are the skyborn babies are offered free flights for life? Yes, it happens sometimes. A recent example reveals that a baby born on a Spirit flight in year 2017 was conferred with a free flight every year on his birthday. Though baby delivered on airplane brings up many perks for him or her, but airlines surely do not want to encourage pregnant women who are on the verge of labor to board a plane. Apart from the babies born in flight benefits, each year around 10 million flights get 3.5 billion passengers on board, but it appears to be very rare that a baby birth happens mid-flight. There are hardly any official figures, but records say that nearly 60 babies have been born on airplane so far.

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Bottom Line for Baby Born Mid-Flight about the Citizenship

Well, the bottom line about the types of citizenship of the baby born mid-flight (as it is very rare) is that it depends on the rules of each country. The baby can be given the citizenship of the mother or father or the baby born on flight will be awarded with the citizenship of the country the airspace was used by the time of birth or finally the citizenship can be given where the airplane is registered.

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