Netherlands Visa for Employment - Complete Easy Guide for Employment

Netherlands Work Visa – Complete Easy to Understand Guide to Get Employment Visa of Netherlands

If you would like to join the community of migrants and want to go out of your country to settle in Europe particularly in Netherlands, then you will have to fulfill the legal requirements and apply for Netherlands Visa. For the people who like to work in the Netherlands for a period longer than 90 days, they need to apply for a work permit of Netherlands.

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Details about Netherlands Visa – the Work Visa

Many people of the world dream of getting a green card, and for this they do everything possible. Likewise, majority of the people attract to the Netherlands due to its beauty, eye candy locales, atmosphere, good economy and its location in the northwestern Europe. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is a big tourist attraction. Hundreds and millions of people travel to Netherlands to visit the beautiful and mesmerizing cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam every year.

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For those who wish to enter the country for the purpose of employment, they need to apply for the work visa for the Netherlands. It is like a residence permit issued to foreign citizens. Often it happens that along with the Dutch residence permit, a foreigner needs to obtain a work permit as well.

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Who Needs a Netherlands Visa – the Work Permit to Stay, Work and Live in the Country

There are many nationalities whose citizens do not require Netherlands visa to enter, work and live there. It all depends on your nationality as to what requirements you need to fulfill and follow to enter the country. To make it clear, the citizens of EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland, they do not require a work visa or residence permit to enter the Netherlands.

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If you like to extend your stay for longer than four months, you need to register with the personal database in your local area and get a citizen service number. The family member of an EU, EEA or Swiss national do not need a Dutch residence permit as well, but they need to get a verification against EU Law (certificate of lawful residence).

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Rest of the foreign nationals, who like to enter the Netherlands for employment purpose, need a Dutch residence permit to live in the country and they also need to have a work permit to do job over there. There is an exception of applying for a single permit that combines the residence and work permits into one.

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There are some nationals who need to apply for an MVV Netherlands visa (type D visa or provisional residence permit) coupled with their Dutch residence permit. Remember one thing – if you are the candidate of an MVV visa, you might also be required to take a civic integration examination that tests your knowledge of Dutch culture and language.

Requirements for Netherlands Visa to Get Work Permit

Many people are found matching asylum to work visas or permit, these are different things and categories of visas. Just focus on your category i.e. work visa and follow the instructions and requirements to obtain the same. There are various requirements for Netherlands visa and the work visa requirements often change depending on which of the Dutch residence permits available for work and you are applying for. There are basic requirements, which you need to fulfill as mentioned below:

  • You need to obtain an employment contract with an employer in the Netherlands.
  • The applicant needs to earn the minimum wage for the employees over the age of 23.
  • The employer needs to show that the particular position could not have been fulfilled by the nationals of Netherlands, EU or EEA.

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Types of Work Visas

Remember that for Netherlands Visa for employment, which is termed Netherlands Work Permit or Netherlands Work Visa, each type of the employment visa has its own set of requirements and conditions to fulfill. Let’s discuss the types.

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Netherlands Visa for Regular Paid Work (For Employees)

If you like to work in the Netherlands as a regular worker such as labor migrants, you will be in a need of a work visa for regular paid work.

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Requirements for Regular Work Visa

  • First of all, you need to have an employment contract with an employer over there in the Netherlands.
  • You will also have to earn a minimum wage for employees over the age of 23.
  • Your employer needs to show that the position could not be fulfilled in Netherlands, EU and EEA.

Netherlands Visa for Seasonal Labor

Seasonal work visa in Netherlands is only issued to the individuals who are hired to do work in agriculture sector. This agricultural visa (or seasonal work visa) is issued maximum for the duration of 24 weeks.

Requirements for Seasonal Labor Visa

  • You need to have a contract with an employer from the Netherlands.
  • You should get a single permit meaning that the visa that grants the rights of both residence and work.
  • You also need to earn the minimum wage or percentage.

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Netherlands Visa for Intra Corporate Transfer

This visa is for the ones who work for an organization or a company located outside the European Union and you are then transferred to the Netherlands at the branch office. In this case, you will need this visa.

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Requirements for Intra Corporate Transfer Visa

To get the Netherlands visa of Intra Corporate, the below mentioned requirements need to be fulfilled.

  • The nationals of EU, EEA and Switzerland are not eligible for this visa.
  • By the time, you apply for this visa, you should not have an EU nationality.
  • Your role in a company should be at management level, as a specialist or a trainee.
  • Prior to transferring to the branch office in Netherlands, you must have been employed at your company for at least 3 months before.
  • You need to have experience and qualifications needed for this position, you have.
  • Your salary package should also meet the criteria for working as highly skilled personnel or migrant.
  • Another thing you need to do is to live in the Netherlands for majority of your time.
  • There must be an economical relationship between your employer and the branch office in Netherlands where you have been transferred to.
  • Remember, you may not have had an earlier transfer to the company instantaneously before the application.
  • The branch office of your company in the Netherlands should not have been fined in the last 5 years for the violation of article 2 of the Aliens Employment or for not paying the wage tax or employer insurance premiums.
  • The ones, who have been hired as trainees, have to follow a trainee program and not a normal employee one.

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Highly Skilled Migrant Visa

Highly Skilled Migrants are also popular as ‘Knowledge Workers’. They are taken onboard to make a contribution to the Dutch Knowledge Based Economy and they are foreigners. In order to be considered for this Netherlands visa for highly skilled migrants, you need to earn a certain amount of income such as if you are under 30, you will need to earn minimum income of €3,299 and if you are over 30, you need to earn minimum of €4,500.  There are few other conditions, which the highly skilled migrants need to fulfill. Let’s learn as under:

You must hold a contract from an employer from the Netherlands or from a research institution.

For Scientific Researchers: the employment contact you have needs to be signed on behalf of the institution. This contract should carry the job description and the code according to the university job classification (UFO).

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For Doctors in Training: You need to make it sure that the institute you are going to get training in should be set out by Social Medicine Physicians Registration Committee (SGRC) or General practitioner and Nursing home Physicians Registration Committee (HVRC) and the Medical Specialists Registration Committee (MSRC). You need also to be registered with the Individual Healthcare Professions, also much popular as the BIG-register.

EU Blue Card or European Blue Card

If you are a holder of European Blue Card and you are a non-EU citizen, you are allowed to live and work everywhere in Europe except Ireland, Denmark and the UK. But with an EU Blue Card it has been issued from some other country, then you need to get Netherlands work visa to work there in addition to some requirements to be fulfilled as well.

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How to Apply for Netherlands Visa – Work Visa for Employment?

First things first that the application for Netherlands visa for employment depends on your citizenship and the type of work you have been hired for. You will need two permits – a residence permit to live there and a work permit to be allowed to do job there. There is a possibility to apply for one single permit that allows you to live and work there. Single permit is called GVVA and is issued for the duration of one to three years. In majority of the cases, it is your employer who needs to apply for your work permit or single permit. This can be done by them directly apply to IND after the employers got successful to receive all the documents from your side. Later process includes IND’s forwarding your application to the Dutch Employment Agency (UWV) that will then assess your application and advise IND about its decision. For Netherlands work visa processing time, it depends on case to case.

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Who is Eligible to Apply for a Single Permit (GVVA)?

The person who may apply for GVVA include:

  • Interns
  • Regular Labor Migrants
  • Ministers of religion/spiritual leaders
  • Practitioners
  • Some foreign nationals who work in the Asian restaurant industry
  • International education teachers

Who is Eligible to Apply for Separate Work Permit and Residence Permit (TWV)?

For Netherlands visa, if you are not eligible for a single permit, your employer then file the application for a separate work permit on your behalf. But you or your employer have the option to apply for a Dutch residence permit. If you are going to do it yourself, you will need to do so at Dutch embassy in your home country or consulate. The people who are excluded from the single permit include:

  • Seasonal workers
  • Labour migrants on a short-stay visa
  • Asylum seekers
  • Students
  • Refugees
  • Intra-company transferees
  • Workers on an orientation year
  • Service providers
  • Family members of single permit holders
  • Seafarers
  • Croatian nationals

How to Get Permanent Residency in Netherlands?

After you have spent more than 5 years in the Netherlands (consecutive years) on a residence permit, you become eligible to apply and obtain permanent residency of the Netherlands. With PR, you will be eligible to work with any Dutch employer without any work permit. This PR states that you are free to work everywhere in the Netherlands without any work visa.

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Netherlands Visa

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For Netherlands work visa fees, you should contact to your nearest embassy or consulate or from the home office on Netherlands. If you have any query regarding Netherlands Visa for employment, share your comments in below comments section.

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