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Malta New Visa Requirements for Third World and Non-EU Students Make it Easy to Work During Study

If you are looking for a Malta student visa, you have to very carefully check out what is needed to prepare the documents and then file the visa application. You also need to know where to apply for visa and then you should be prepared for the interview, where not only your documents are checked, verified and you are also asked about these documents. You are also checked psychologically. Thus, you need to be well prepared and relaxed when you are in front of a visa officer. Here, we will now let you know the new visa changes, which Maltese government has recently made to student visa. Malta government has now announced changes to its student visa policy which is now set to simplify and streamline the entire process for non-E students (including from the third world) and this policy will also streamline the work rights for international students.

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Malta Student Visa New Policy Changes

The aim of the new policy changes is to make Malta more attractive for international students while maintaining the reputation of the local education sector. The policy changes will also let the private education providers to tap into certain markets where Malta possesses limited consular representation. It means where Malta does not have embassy or consulate, the students of those countries will apply for a visa without presenting themselves in person.

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What Maltese Government Says?

A government statement states that the Maltese government is much aware about the present scenario might be harming Malta’s potential in the education sector and prejudicing the momentous investment of educational establishments in country’s economy.

Working Hours for Non-EU Students (including Third World Countries) While Studying

Students from Non-EU Countries and the students from third world countries (who are enrolled in a higher education course for more than 90 days) are legally entitled to work in Malta for 20 hours a week. The international graduates are now able to extend their stay in Malta for 6 months after their graduation to look for work.

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Malta Now Will Hire Talented and Highly Skilled Third World Nationals

A Maltese government statement issued recently reveals that new arrangements made by the Government of Malta will make it possible for the country to keep the talent of highly skilled third world country nationals.

English Language Students from Non-EU and Third World Countries Are Also Allowed to Work

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Malta student visa also allows international students who are enrolled into English language courses longer than 3 months are also allowed to work during their studies. They need to apply for a residence permit provided that they extend their stay in Malta for over a year. It is now said that the possibility to work during study English over there will surely enhance the interest in the island as a study destination.

Fact remains that majority of the third world countries come to Malta for a longer period of time particularly on student visas and the possibility of working will certainly help them in financing part of their stay.

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International Students Work Requirements

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As per the new system of Malta student visa, it allows the students to begin working as of the 13th week after their arrival in the country and they are entitled to work 20 hours per week. The work permit or work license is issued once the student visa is approved. Student can apply for the permit once they find employment in Malta.

Malta Student Visa

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