Get Ready to Apply for Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa – Lower Requirements and Simple Process - Grab A Scholarship

Get Ready to Apply for Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa – Lower Requirements and Simple Process

There are a number of countries in the world offering digital nomad visas, but Romania’s digital nomad visa is going to make its mark among its contenders. The digital nomad visa of Romania is all set to bring more juicy benefits for the people who hold this. The biggest benefit is cost of living, since it is around 50% lower than the U.S. and other European countries. Romania has recently launched its digital nomad visa that is now geared up to allure the eyeball of many.

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Information about Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa

In Romania, the expenditures for one person are around lesser than €500 a month that makes the life quite easy over there, and obviously this attracts the people to come and live there.

There were rumors earlier this year that Romania is going to join in those countries offering digital nomad visas to the people from the world interested in jobs independent of location and time to come and work in Romania (on digital nomad visas).

About Romania

Romania is a country in Balkans. It is a southeastern European country that is quite famous for forested region of Transylvania. The country is also popular for its churches and castles notably clifftop Bran Castle that has long been associated with the Dracula legend. Country’s capital is Bucharest.

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What is Digital Nomad?

They are the ones who make use of telecommunications technologies in order to earn their living and spend their lives in a nomadic style. Such workers often work from remote locations and often from foreign countries, public libraries, parks, coffee shops, recreational vehicles, co-working spaces and to name a few. There are various digital nomad visa countries offering this type of visa to these remote workers among them is Romania as well.

Decision about Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa

By the end of September this year, the Romanian Senate approved the law – the senate approved the draft of the law regarding the digital nomad visa issuance to Romania. Later, the draft was then passed on to the Deputy Chamber for debates on it.

This kind of decision will let the Balkan country have a legal way to attract the resources, promote Romania in the world, and also give boost to country’s economy.

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How Will Digital Nomads Be Benefited?

With this decision about the issuance of Romania’s digital nomad visa, the foreigners interested in works (jobs) independent of location and time, who are specifically associated with the fields like marketing, technology, finance, or others such as freelance works, will be permitted to legally work in Romania.

How the Law Was Developed?

This draft law was developed in close cooperation between the Ministry of Research Innovation and Digitalization and USR PLUS representatives coupled with the experts working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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Previously it was stressed by the draft law’s initiators that the initial target was to bring around 2000 digital nomads from foreign countries in Romania per year. The initiators were of the view that the digital nomads would likely consume on average a monthly expenditure of €2K or approximately around €50M per year.

How to Obtain Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa?

If anyone interested in obtaining this type of visa, he or she needs to apply to nearest Embassy to Romania (in their home country). Valid proof of work is required such as proof from the company they work for, medical insurance, proof of stay in Romania and other relevant details.

Another requirement to provide is to show the proof of income of €1150 per month (that is quite lower than other countries in Europe. Even the requirements are lesser than other European countries).

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