Extended Education at the Ohio State University in the USA

Extended Education at The Ohio State University in the USA – A Unique and Career-Making Opportunity

For those students or learners who want to get an extended education and that too from a prestigious, world-renowned, and top university, there is a big opportunity for them, coming right from the United States of America. One of the top-ranked and widely renowned U.S. universities the Ohio State University is offering this magnificent opportunity to interested students and learners. The university is pleased to provide extended education and help grown-up, non-degree-seeking, and visiting students who would like to take undergraduate courses. If that interests you, you may check out the details about Extended Education at the Ohio State University next in the post.

Information About Extended Education at the Ohio State University

This education (extended education) is operated by the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation. The university is an enrollment unit that puts special emphasis on academic advising for grown-up students who would like to pursue undergraduate courses and are not presently interested in obtaining a degree from Ohio State University.

If the students have earned/completed their undergraduate degree and need additional undergraduate coursework, in this scenario extended education happens to be an apt program for them. If students are interested in graduate-level courses, graduate non-degree information is available at gpadmissions.osu.edu.

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Ohio’s Students Fall into These Learner Categories

  • Students having some college credit re-entering the university environment after an absence.
  • Students having post-secondary degrees who are completing prerequisites for professional or graduate study.
  • Grown-up persons who are attending college for the first time.
  • Grown-up persons who would like to update their career knowledge and skills, discover a new discipline, or widen their career options.
  • Professionals (like educators) who are renewing their certification/licensure.
  • Lifelong learners who are enjoying academic opportunities and searching for new ideas.
  • Students who are presently enrolled at another post-secondary institution, and are interested in transferring Ohio State credit back to their home institution.

Available Courses (Extended Education Courses)

Interested candidates/students who would like to undergo extended education may check the course catalog for complete details.

Eligible Candidates to Apply as New Applicants

Those who show interest in this education need to meet the extended education at the Ohio State University requirements. Alumni, former transient/visitor students, and graduating seniors need to follow the instructions mentioned on the Returning Students page to apply.

International Students Eligibility

International students generally have to showcase the below-mentioned academic achievements:

  • GED or secondary school diploma
  • On a 4.0 scale, a CGPA of 2.5 or higher (or the candidate’s country’s equivalent as determined by undergraduate admissions) for all post-high school and university-level coursework.
  • They need to be in good standing with other colleges or universities attended.

Additionally, international applicants have to:

  • Be 24 years old and have graduated from high school to enroll in an undergraduate program, as non-degree students.
  • Or, they should be in a degree-seeking program at another university and would like to transfer Ohio State credit back to that institution to enroll as visitor students/transient students.

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Eligibility for United States Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Political Asylee Students

Citizens of the United States, permanent residents, or political asylees who possess a high school diploma or GED, have a CGPA of 2.0 on any previous college coursework, and fit any one of the below categories are considered eligible.

Undergraduate, Non-Degree Students (More Than One Term)

  • They should be 24 years old or above.
  • They have been out of high school for at least four years.
  • They possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Transient/Visitor Students (One Term Per Year)

  • The candidates are presently enrolled at another university or college and want to transfer credits back to their home institution (it should be noted that transient/visitor students are limited to one term of enrolment per 12 consecutive months).
  • Note: Those recent high school graduates who are entering their first term of college after their high school are ineligible for extended education.

Financial Aid Availability

It needs to be noted that overseas students (international students) are generally not allowed to obtain federal, state, or most institutional funding. If the candidates/students are entering the country on a student visa, they need to contact the Ohio State Office of International Affairs for detailed information about aid resources.

Deadlines/Closing Dates for New Applicants

Applicants have to be sure to apply well in advance before the beginning of the semester or session they want to attend. For applications to be processed, it takes almost up to 3 weeks.

  • International Applicants – deadlines vary from April to July (check on the official link)
  • S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Political Asylees – deadlines vary from April to July (check on the official link)

How to Apply for Extended Education at the Ohio State University as a New Applicant

If you think you are eligible to apply and you have developed an interest in this opportunity, you should visit the official link to get complete details including the deadline and application procedure, etc.

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