Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 in Brussels, Belgium (Fully & Partial)

The Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 in Brussels, Belgium (Fully & Partial Funded Opportunity)

A global forum is waiting for you to attend in a beautiful country in Europe. A forum, as you might be aware, is a place, group, or situation in which people or experts exchange ideas and discuss issues, especially vital (important) public issues. The forum in discussion now is – The Global Diplomatic Forum 2024. This global forum is where diplomacy converges with novelty (innovation), and collaboration becomes the driving force to shape our collective future. Interested candidates can learn more details about this open opportunity – Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 in Brussels, Belgium next in the post.

Information About the Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 in Brussels, Belgium

The Global Diplomatic Forum is scheduled to take place from July 25th to 28th in Brussels, Belgium where diplomats, leaders, and experts will assemble. The forum will become a melting pot of various and diverse perspectives, offering the participants a novel opportunity for dialogue and better understanding on the global stage. The best about this forum is that there are 50 funded slots available for which you may submit your application to participate in this enriched and vibrant forum laced with knowledge and information apart from numerous other attractive opportunities.

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About the Centre for Diplomatic Advancement (CDA)

CDA is all geared up to empower diplomats and foster global collaboration for a more prosperous and peaceful world through excellence in sustainable development and diplomacy. The programs offered or conducted by CDA, the trainings on international law and policy-making, mediation and negotiation skills, intercultural communication, public speaking and presentation techniques, and leadership development workshops are provided.

CDA (Centre for Diplomatic Advancement) is a subsidiary of the Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance (HISA) which operates around the world.

Program Agenda for the Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 

The forum will be equipped with panel discussions, keynote speeches, networking sessions, interactive workshops, cultural events, and more. At the forum, the participants will get engaging sessions on a wider range of topics relevant to international relations and global diplomacy.

Eligibility Criteria for the Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 in Brussels, Belgium

This forum is open and available to individuals from various (diverse) backgrounds including government officials, diplomats, researchers, scholars, professionals, students, and anyone interested in diplomacy and global affairs.

Available Scholarships

There are 50 funded scholarships available for those who are eligible. Under these scholarships, the coverage for accommodation, travel, and other associated costs.

CDA is delighted to offer 15 fully funded and 35 partially funded slots to attend GDF 2024 in Brussels (Belgium).

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Available Benefits

For participants of the forum (The Global Diplomatic Forum 2024), there are many advantages. Some notables include:

  • Global Networking Opportunities
  • Insights from Prominent Speakers
  • Exposure to Unique (Innovative) Diplomatic Practices
  • Interactive Workshops and Panels
  • Cultural Exchange and Understanding

Deadline for Applications

The last date to submit your applications for this global forum is 5th April 2024. If interested, you need to follow this deadline.

How to Apply for the Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 in Brussels, Belgium

The application procedure for the Global Diplomatic Forum 2024 has started on 15th February 2024. Interested candidates can now submit their applications before the deadline (5th April 2024) on the official website. They should fill out the application form and submit the required documents. The official website also carries complete details regarding this forum.

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