L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers

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It is the time for the encouragement of women. There is no denying that the women are encouraged in many fields across the world. Now L’Oréal endows them the chance to advance their research and scientific career with the scholarship named ‘L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers’ in collaboration with UNESCO.

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Headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine with a registered office in Paris, L’Oréal S.A is a world renowned international personal care company. L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics company, and has developed its activities in the fields of skin care, hair colour, make-up, sun protection, hair care and perfume. As for UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), it is a specialized agency of the UN (United Nations) that aims to promote security and world peace through international cooperation in the fields of sciences, education, and culture. Both L’Oréal and UNESCO join hands together for the scholarship titled ‘L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers’ for the betterment of women by providing them the opportunity to advance their career in the fields of science and research.

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Information about L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers

L’Oréal now invites applications from international women for the Women in Science South Africa Young Talents Programme for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in 2021. L’Oréal-UNSECO’s first edition for Women in Science South African National Programme is offered with the purpose of promoting and encouraging the young women in science. The programme identifies and endows the talented young women scientists in the fields of life sciences, formal sciences, physical sciences, environmental sciences, engineering and technological sciences.

More Details about L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers

L’Oréal UNESCO Fellowship 2021 is a pioneering programme for the promotion of women in the field of science. Both UNSECO and L’Oréal come in hand to hand to recognize the women researchers, who through the scope of their work, so far have contributed to overcoming today’s challenges spread across the world. Both L’Oréal and UNESCO are convinced that the women researchers surely will register an impact on society and certainly lay the foundation for the future. Thus, both the entities provide the women with the means to continue their commitment to the field of science with passion and energy. The award is granted to the young women scientists annually at the doctoral and postdoctoral level. This is an encouragement to the women.

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UNESCO Women in Science programme was previously called ‘L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Programme’. Launched in 2010, this programme developed extensively and turned out to be popular among the women scientists, now a decision has been made to split the initial programme into two (programmes) namely:

  • A new national programme for South Africa.
  • The regional programme for the 48 other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Through this programme, 7 talented South African women will be honored for the quality of their research and they will be encouraged to pursue a career in the field of science in any South African province.

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Eligibility Criteria for L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers

The applicants have to make sure that they meet the below mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • They applicants need to have a PhD degree in the fields of life sciences, formal sciences, physical sciences, environmental sciences, and technological sciences or they must be pursuing studies leading to a PhD degree at any university of South Africa.
  • The applicant should be a South African citizen
  • The applicant needs to be working in a research laboratory or institution or they are being enrolled in a doctoral programme at any university in South Africa.
  • The maximum age limit for this programme is 40 years at the end of the application period for doctorate and post-doctoral awards.

Financial Benefits

For L’Oréal UNESCO 2021, there are good financial benefits to be provided to the chosen candidates. Let’s check out below:

The applicants will be granted with 5 research grants of R80,000 to be provided to 5 PhD students at a South African institution and who are completing their doctorate in a research laboratory.

The applicants will be granted with 2 research grants of R165,000 each to be provided to 2 South African postdoctoral researchers who are working at a research institute or laboratory registered in any of the South African provinces.

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Deadline for Applications

The deadline for application submissions is 21 June 2021, but it is better to check the updates on the official page of the scholarship (mentioned at the end of the post).

How to Apply for L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers

You need to apply online at the official portal. Your application will be considered complete if you include the following documents along with the application:

  • Your certified copies of the degrees or your recent diplomas.
  • You need to provide with a proof of having obtained a PhD degree. It is for postdoctoral candidates.
  • For doctoral candidates, the applicant needs to provide with a proof of being enrolled at a South African University.
  • The applicant should provide a detailed project summary of a maximum 2 pages, including: project description of present research project
  • The applicant should also present the proposed use of the grant motivating the candidature laced with some budget indications. The applicant should also provide insight for which purpose the grant is to be used such as conferences, travel or equipment.
  • The applicant needs to provide Letters of Recommendation issued by the research supervisor and/or the director of the scientific institution where the applicant is carrying the research project, or should be issued by the Dean of the University under which the applicant is running her research work.
  • The applicant should also provide information about the publications and patents.

To check more details and apply for L’Oréal UNESCO Young Talents Programme for Women Researchers, Visit the Official Link.

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