Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme - Make Your Career

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme (European Exchange Programme) – Financial & Many Other Career-Boosting Benefits

Initiated in 2009 by the European Union, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a European mobility scheme that provides new or aspiring entrepreneurs with an opportunity to obtain practical, first-hand coaching from experienced entrepreneurs who are running or doing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in one of the 28 European Union Members States or in other countries part of the COSME programme. As for as this opportunity called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme is concerned, it provides help to new and host entrepreneurs to develop/gain related skills to manage and expand their own businesses.

Information about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

As mentioned above that this programme is to help the new and host entrepreneurs to obtain and learn relevant skills to accurately manage and widen their own businesses, so, the duration of the stay of the participants of this unique, attractive and beneficial program is between 1 to 6 months.

The new entrepreneurs of this programme will receive some financial help from the European Union (EU). The programme is funded/financed by the EU (European Commission) and operated with intermediary organizations’ help. It is coordinated by a Support Office which is presently run by Euro Chambers.

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More on The European Exchange Programme for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, you may be a beneficiary of this Erasmus Entrepreneur programme provided that you meet the eligibility requirements. The young entrepreneurs programme provides help to aspiring entrepreneurs from Europe with the necessary skills/expertise to begin and/or helps to run a small-sized business in Europe.

During this programme, the new entrepreneurs gather and exchange their knowledge and business ideas with experienced entrepreneurs with whom they collaborate and stay for a duration of one to six months. European Commission partly finances their stay there.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, as mentioned in the above lines is financed by the EU, and operates across the countries participating in this programme with the active help of the local contact points which are competent in providing business support such as start-up centres, chambers of commerce, incubators, etc.

Benefits Associated with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

Being a new entrepreneur, you will receive benefits from on-the-job training to be done in a small or medium-sized enterprise in some other participating country. In this way, you will find ease in successfully starting your business or strengthening your new business/enterprise. There will be other massive benefits as well such as accessing new markets, wide networking opportunities, making long-term business relations, gaining international cooperation, and having potential possibilities for making collaborations with many business partners abroad.

Being a host entrepreneur, you will receive benefits from fresher/innovative ideas from motivated new entrepreneurs on your business. They might be laced with specialized/innovative skills or higher knowledge in the areas you do not have a grip over, which may also complement yours.

In a capsule, this programme will open numerous avenues for you such as discovering new markets in Europe, getting business partners, many ways of doing business, joint ventures, networking opportunities, etc.

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Eligibility Criteria

If you are concerned and interested in joining this programme, you should check your eligibility and other relevant details in this guide.

Financial Benefits of This Programme

The financial support to be provided to the NEs is for a contribution towards the travel costs (to and from the country of stay) and the subsistence expenses of the stay of the participants will also be supported. This financial support will be paid by the IO (Intermediary Organization) to the NE (New Entrepreneurs). Details of the monthly financial assistance are mentioned in this guide.

How to Apply for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

If you like to apply and participate in this programme, you may do so free of charge. There are no application or participation fees at all. You need to read the programme guide for detailed information on participation and the conditions involved. You may check the official call also, and in order to apply, visit the official portal.

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