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Free Education in South Korea – South Korea Scholarship for International Students 2020

Would you like to study in South Korea for free? Obviously, yes is the answer to this interesting question. And yes, you may study there absolutely free. The best way to study free is to avail scholarship in universities. Let’s learn South Korea Scholarship for International Students 2020. No denying in saying that South Korea is among those few countries of the world which offers handsome amount of scholarships every year. The world renowned universities of South Korea such as Seoul National University, KAIST and Postech are going to launch the applications period in August 2020 for 2021 intake.

Well, Seoul National University has now opened its application portal for year 2021 intake. South Korea carries a number of known and excellent universities which offer impressive amount of well-paid scholarships for international students. The most interesting thing about these scholarships is that you may be admitted to the universities and for scholarships without English language requirements like IELTS and TOEFL.

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The easiest way to get the admission and scholarships in South Korea, first you need to contact the professors from your chosen field of study and research interest. There are plenty of scholarships available in Korea such as University Scholarships, Fully Funded Scholarships, Professor Scholarships and Many Other Scholarships.

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Details for South Korea Scholarship for International Students 2020

You may get a list of the top scholarships being offered in South Korea. Everything related to scholarships such as general information, description, tips and how you can get a scholarship with high ratio of receiving, etc.

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How You May Receive Scholarships

South Korea is very warm and always welcomes international students in all programs and fields. You may even receive free education with fully funded scholarships that also pay you air tickets, stipends, books and much more.

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You need to make a compelling CV that grabs the attention of the professors and the university administration. This should be made according to professor’s interest. Once it is ready, you need to send it to the professor along with a short email showing your introduction and research interest and your decision to do Master/PhD under professor’s supervision.

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If the professor shows interest in your research after reading your CV and your interests, it means you have achieved your goals and there are 99 percent chances that your admission is confirmed. And as for the question of how to find professor’s interests? Well, this is simple. You may get the information on Google Scholar or in Google by typing their names.

For electronics and computer science major students, if you are good in these subjects or have good knowledge of programming languages, show to professors to get weightage.

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When you write email to professor, be short. The professors do not have much time. In few words, mention your interest. If you do not get a response from them, remind me after few days. Still, if there is no response then call them.

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English Proficiency Waiver

If you have valid test scores for TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC, it will play better in getting scholarships. If you do not have the results then you need to request your home university to provide you English proficiency letter.

South Korea Scholarship for International Students 2020 – The Types

There are various kinds of scholarships available in South Korea. Among them, few are the ones which hold values.

University Scholarships

Although, university scholarships are not in big numbers, but they appear to be better than professor scholarships. You will not be dependent on the funds issued to professors

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South Korea Scholarship for International Students 2020

Professor Scholarships

These scholarships are totally dependent on professors, since they solely depend on the funds issued to professors. They are easy to receive but difficult to maintain.

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Contacting a Supervisor

There are two types of funding available – first is to apply for a scholarship program which gives you coverage for everything such as allowance, tuition fee, books and monthly stipend. Second is to contact a supervisor for funding. In this case, you need to work on some particular research project under the supervision of the professor. When you write email, avoid causal language and be specific. Subject should be appropriate showing your purpose. Review email by checking mistakes, spelling and errors.

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How to Apply for South Korea Scholarship for International Students 2020

Still, many universities are yet to open the applications portal, but Seoul National University has opened it. You may check their application process by clicking below link.

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